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  • View the publc key in different formats: MD5, SHA1, SHA256

    $ ssh-keygen -l -E md5 -f dustin.pem
    2048 MD5:29:ed:da:d3:5a:8c:78:4f:62:d3:fd:0c:77:5b:6d:d9 (RSA)

    $ ssh-keygen -l -E sha1 -f dustin.pem
    2048 SHA1:x2ENPL+vzVdlgkIyu0tAhVQ+H4U (RSA)

    $ ssh-keygen -l -E sha256 -f dustin.pem
    2048 SHA256:agJs/axI8QPzet/eoPMDxLSf37fd1bgsMX4Di0gqMy4 (RSA)

  • It seems like this should be easy. I run "ssh-keygen -l -f " (the default seems to be SHA1). All of the examples show it printing the hex-formatted digest with a little extra, harmless information....
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