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  • Looking for Christmas songs for children? Youtube videos are the best source. But this Web list also includes MP3s, lyrics, and downloadable MIDI files.

  • Where can I find free-to-listen:

    • Christmas songs for children,
    • Their videos,
    • Downloadable lyrics, MIDI files, and MP3 files?
  Dishes  - YouTube Mix is a Great Feature
  Chops  - There's Music Beyond YouTube!!
  • Chop 8 : Free Christmas Music |

  • Free MP3 and MIDI files to download.

  • Enjoy the gift of music this holiday season with our free music download section. We have orchestral music and piano music, in both MP3 and midi formats, aslong with many popular seasonal favorites. Please respect the copyrights of the artists that have so generously given permission to download their music as their gift to you this season. Enjoy the holiday music and have a Very Merry Christmas! Be sure to check out all the great shopping sites in our directory and check back often. We are alwa
  References and More

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