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  • Here is a song highly popular in China, Japan, and Korea, but largely forgetten at home in America. We are talking about "Dreaming of Home and Mother," by John Ordway (1824-1880), civil war doctor, composer, music entrepreneur, and politician. You'll find hundreds of Youtube uploads in Chinese, Japanese, Korean - but none from America. This song is known as 旅愁 or Ryosho in Japanese, 送别 in Chinese, and 깊어가는 가을밤에  in Korean.

    • What is the song "Dreaming of Home and Mother?"
    • In what Asian countries is it popular?
    • Can I see some of the performances?
    • Who are the composer and translators?
  • Chop 1 : Dreaming of Home and Mother - Footnote on song Chinese Lyrics Japanese Lyrics |

  • This is a 1868 American folksong "Dreaming of Home and Mother" which has been forgotten by the people of its motherland. It hasn't been sang and recorded in America for over half a century. However, In Asia, it enjoys a totally different treatment. 

    In 1904 K.Indo (¤üµ£²y·Ë), a famous Japanese musician added Japanese lyrics to this song, the title is called "Ryoshu" (®È·T) (Travelling Sadness).

    Li Shu Tong (§õ¨û¦P, 1880-1942), a famous Chinese scholar, then became a famous monk called "Hung Yi" (¥°¤@ªk®v), learned this song when he was studying in Japan. After coming back to China, he added beautiful lyrics to this song in about 1914. The title of the Chinese version is called °e§O ¡]Æzºq¡^(Farewell). 

    In Japan "Ryosho" is an all-time classic. If you click into the website of, you may find over 100 versions! In mainland China and Taiwan most student need to learn to sing the Chinese version (Farewell) in school.

  • Chinese Song Lyrics, °e§O¡AÆzºq
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