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  • Udemy offers many free, overlappnig, courses on web development. There are multiple courses on MySQL, PHP, framework, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery. You will have to browse and select specific courses to suit your own needs. However, there is a shortage of free courses on setting up your own development sever.

    We recommend you explore Udemy's large pool of excellent courses. Many are free, others charge a low fee. 

  • To collect free Udemy courses on

    • Web development,
    • MySQL database,
    • PHP programming and framework,
    • HTML5,
    • CSS,
    • Javascript and JQuery.

    However, we are unable to find free Udemy courses on setting up your own development computer and web server. In the References section, I link to other sites for supplemental material, such as W3School, and Google search of "setting up development web server."

  Dishes  - MySQL PHP HTML5 CSS JS
  Chops  - Server, hosting, Tools
  Desserts  References and More

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