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  • What programming languages shall I learn first? Where can I find well-organized courses for free? This web list collects free programming courses from Udemy on Java, C++, Python, and HTML5. The Chops section lists courses about game development.

    We recommend you explore Udemy's large pool of excellent courses. Many are free, others charge a reasonable charge. You need to sign in to enrol in the free courses

    • How can I learn Java?
    • How can I learn C++?
    • How can I learn Python?
    • How can I learn game development?
    • How can I learn HTML5 and JavaScript?
  Dishes  - Java, C++, Python
  • Dish 3 : Java Design Patterns and Java Architecture | Udemy

  • Discover some of the most useful, important and common design patterns in Java; reusable code patterns that you can use to structure your program and perform common tasks. Includes lots of examples with full source code. "Design Patterns" has been the big buzz phrase in the Java community for some time now, and if you want to be able to write effective Java programs, work as a Java developer or pass exams in Java, you can't afford to miss out. Fortunately, this course is entirely free :)

  • Discover how to use design patterns to structure and simplify your Java program on this FREE Java Tutorial for Beginners
  • Dish 6 : C++, Short and Sweet, Part 1 by Jeremy Siek | Udemy

  • This course is for beginners who want to get started writing programs in C++, taught by Jeremy Siek, a professor at the University of Colorado. No prior knowledge of C++ is assumed. The course is based on the excellent textbook Accelerated C++ by Andrew Koenig and Barbara E. Moo. Like the textbook, the course quickly dives into problem solving and making use of the C++ standard library, including strings, vectors, and lists. The emphasis is on teaching you the parts of C++ that you will most likely need in your day-to-day programming. This course is Part 1 of a planned two-part sequence. Part 1 covers the first seven chapters of Accelerated C++, in particular, Chapters 0 through 6. The course consists of six videos of 50-60 minutes each.

  • A first course on C++ based on the book Accelerated C++. - Free Course
  • Dish 7 : Python Training - Learn Python Online Free | Udemy

  • Python is a modern OOPS language and is most popular now a days. This course is designed by Hitesh Choudhary keeping the industry standards (like Eclipse, database, etc) in mind. Immediately after opting this course, you will receive your unique ID certification that can be verified at Igneus Technologies. Entire course is divided in small chunks and section. video time length is also very short and we just talk to the point. Videos are highly interactive and for sure you will enjoy learning Python.

  • A free course to support python programming. Get a paid and full version for more ! - Free Course
  Chops  - Game development, HTML5
  • Chop 1 : Python Game Development - Learn Python Game Programming | Udemy

  • In this fun and comprehensive python game development course, instructor Alex Bowers will show you how to successfully develop your very own computer game with the Python programming language. He will walk you through the programming of a game called "Monster," in which a monster will chase and try to eat your character! Step-by-step, you will learn how to create a game menu, how to develop your characters and items, how to make your characters move using key commands, and how to input different settings to make your python game programming more challenging and fun! 

  • Learn game programming skills with this free course using the Python programming language.
  • Chop 2 : Corona SDK Tutorial - Game Development Course | Udemy

  • If you're interested in 2D mobile game development you've probably heard of the Corona SDK framework -- because it's freaking awesome!

    In this online game development crash course for beginners we’re going to dive in and create a simple game. Along the way you'll magically learn how to use the core concepts of Corona SDK...

  • Discover how easy it can be to create your own mobile game for Android on this Game Development Course for Beginners!
  • Chop 3 : How to Make a Video Game: Learn Unity Concepts | Udemy

  • Welcome to the Unity Concepts tutorial series. This Unity3d video course was created from scratch and gives you a thorough understanding of the Unity3d engine. It was designed with the most up to date version of Unity3d currently out (Unity 4.XX).

    Learn why Unity3d is great for developing your own games. You'll go over everything from scripting in Javascript to animation to building your game for use on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Linux, OSX and Windows to name a few.

  • Learn the basics of creating your own games in Unity3d. This is a brand new course that covers Unity 4.XX of Unity3d. - Free Course
  • Chop 4 : Creating an MP3 Player with HTML5 by Mark Lassoff | Udemy

  • Looking for a fun project to sharpen your HTML5 and Javascript skills? Are up for pushing your HTML5 and Javascript skills further?

    This course will take you through all of the steps necessary to create a fully functional MP3 player using HTML5, Javascript and a little CSS. The course provides a great way to learn more about HTML5 and CSS, while completing a programming project that is both rewarding and fun.

  • Use HTML5, CSS Javascript and XML to create a fully functional MP3 Player - Free Course
  • Chop 5 : HTML5 Tutorial for Beginners - HTML5 Training | Udemy

  • In our course you will start with basic HTML tags. You will learn how to create HTML websites and use CSS in your work before we start discussing HTML5. We do not assume any prior knowledge so we go through the concepts from the beginner's point of view. In our HTML5 lectures we start with new tags and forms. We then gradually move to advance topics like Drag and Drop and Multimedia. We follow it with difficult topics like Geolocation, WebStorage and Application cache. This course creates easy to grasp examples for each of the concepts and by the end of it you will be able to understand the complete picture rather than just bits and pieces of the technology. 

  • The ultimate HTML5 Tutorial for beginners. Over 37 lectures and 8+ hours of video content.
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