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  • Maps are not just for driving! Interactive maps, Google StreetView, and panoramas bring the world into our room. Most literature, history, geography, art and music involve a location. There are few tools more effective for "getting a feel" than interactive maps and panoramic images. 

    • To view examples and learn to use Google Map and StreetView,
    • To link to other interactive map services,
    • To bookmark websites offering panoramic images.
  Dishes  - Google Maps & StreeView
  • Dish 9 : A Course on "Mapping with Google" |

  • A comprehensive video course. Syllabus:

    •  Unit 1 - Course Overview

    •  Unit 2 - Google Maps

    •  Unit 3 - Google Maps Engine Lite

      •  Hangout on Air #1: Mobile Map Making
    •  Unit 4 - Google Earth Basics

    •  Unit 5 - Google Earth Extras

      •  Hangout on Air #2: Course Showcase
    •  Google Maps Project

      •   Evaluate sample map project I
      •   Evaluate sample map project II
    •  Google Earth Project

      •   Evaluate sample project I
      •   Evaluate sample project II
  • Mapping with Google is a self-paced, online course where you will watch videos (or read text lessons) and apply the skills you learn.

    Course completion requires an internet-enabled desktop or laptop computer.

  • Dish 11 : Education – Google Maps |

  • Helping students visualize and understand the world around them.

    Google Maps for Education provides resources to help teachers and students explore, create, and collaborate with mapping tools. Students who are taught geography are better equipped to understand how human and physical systems interact and to make informed decisions based on that knowledge.

  Chops  - Other maps and panorama
  Desserts  References and More

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