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  • This course links to more than 150 games and interactive activities for learning beginner's Chinese - vocabulary, pronunciation, character, and intonation. It also bookmarks more than 600 quizzes for students of various levels of proficiency in Chinese language and topics. The Chops section ponits to videos, songs, and games with Chinese cultural theme.

  • To link to free browser games and interactive lessons that teach beginner's Chinese, inlcuding:

    • Vocabulary,
    • Pronunciation - audio and the pinyin system,
    • Characters and writing,
    • Intonation and audio demonstration,
    • Quizzes,
    • Video lessons, songs,
    • Games with cultural theme.
  Dishes  - Games, Interactives, Quizzes
  • Dish 12 : Fun World_Chinese Learning for Kids_Confucius Institute Online |

  • 50 attractively-designed, Chinese language learning games (For beginners and non-beginners):

    • 17 character games,
    • 33 games of words,

    Plus 8 Humour in a Flash animations. Human pronunciation.

  • The entertainment part contains Chinese Character Game, Word Game, Humor Painting, Interesting Story four sections, Learners and those who are interest in chinese can study traditional chinese culture using different study resources. This channel also provide online audio and video plus chinese study texts, those materials has strong study focus and provide a great services for junior language learner.
  • Dish 16 : Quia - Chinese |

  • There are more than 500 sets of Chinese interactive activities and games, created by teachers, for various levels of proficiencies. You can search and sort in detail. They fall under these categories: 

    • Java games: Matching, concentration, word search, flashcards,
    • Quiz,
    • Battleship,
    • Challenge board,
    • Columns,
    • Cloze,
    • Hangman,
    • Jumbled words,
    • Patterns,
    • Picture perfect,
    • Pop-ups,
    • Rags to riches,
    • Ordered list,
    • Scavenger hunt.
  • Quia Web allows users to create and share online educational activities in dozens of subjects, including Chinese.
  Chops  - Videos, Songs, Resources
  References and More

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