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  • Physics can be dauntingly abstract for students who are under-exposed to mechanical processes. City-dwelling or verbally-oriented students may excel in biology and literature, but face problems grasping construction and projectiles. Worry not - Games and simulations to the rescue! 

  • To expose you to the physics of objects and processes. Links include:

    • Free browser simulations and games (may require Java plugins),
    • Free downloadable software or sandbox games.

    Be selective with the flash games; some are nothing more than action games.

  Dishes  - Physics Simulations
  • Dish 5 : Math, Physics, and Engineering Applets |

  • These simulations of more advanced physics topics also require Java-enabled browsers. The categories are: 

    • Oscillations and Waves
    • Acoustics
    • Signal Processing
    • Electricity and Magnetism: Statics
    • Electrodynamics
    • Quantum Mechanics
    • Linear Algebra
    • Vector Calculus
    • Thermodynamics
    • Miscellaneous

  • These are some educational java applets I wrote to help visualize various concepts in math, physics, and engineering. You should be able to view them with any Java-capable browser.

  • Dish 7 : Free Physics Games, simulators and contraption building games! |

  • Review and links to free, downloadable, games. Includes various 'games' that use physics simulations. Many allow users to create their own contraptions or just experiment with various ideas. Includes physics toys, physics simulators, rube goldberg games, physics sandbox etc..

    • Blockyard (~96.5MB) [W]
    • Crayon Physics(~5MB)
    • (Dax) Phyz(9.73MB)[W]
    • Golems(~12MB) Open Source [WML]
    • Incredibots 2 Jaybit edition(~3MB)
    • Laputan Blueprints (~20MB)
    • Numpty Physics (~780KB)
    • OE-CAKE(~4MB)
    • Casual Game pack(3.7MB)
    • Kumoon(6MB)
    • Physion(~16MB)
    • Phun(~6MB)
    • The Powder Toy(~1.3MB)
    • PhysicDraw(2MB)
    • RigidChips(~3.1MB)
    • Souptoys Toybox (~16MB)

  • List of some of the BEST physics based games or simulators out there.
  • Dish 8 : Physion - Physics Simulation Software |

  • Click the Download link to download. Physion is 100% free and it is currently available for Windows and Linux operating systems. Please use the links below to download physion and start experimenting with physics simulation software right away!

  • Physion is a Physics simulation software for creating interactive physics simulations and educational experiments.
  • Dish 11 : Algodoo |

  • Click the Download link to get the free simulation software.

  • Algodoo,Physic,Physics,Interactive Physics, Interact, Force, Friction, Fluid, Mechanic, Motion, Optic, Energy, Science, Simulate, Simulation, STEM, Plot, Learn, Teach, Home schooling, Game, Education, Invention, Laser, Fluid, Water, Animation, tool, build, draw, software, program

  Chops  - Physics Games & Reviews
  References and More

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