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  • Meet the Green brothers - Hank and John - in their learning-crazy videos. CrashCourse offers funny, fast-pace, and context-rich videos of around 10 minutes, on high-school to college level subjects. They now have 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

  • To learn these subjects in video blogs by Hank and John Green in CrashCourse:

    • World History,
    • Biology,
    • Ecology,
    • Literature,
    • US History,
    • Chemistry,
    • Psychology.
  Dishes  - 7 Individual Playlists
  Chops  - Background & Links
  • Chop 4 : CrashCourse | Facebook

  • CrashCourse. 49,307 likes · 1,508 talking about this. A new episode of CrashCourse: Chemistry is posted every Monday. A new episode of CrashCourse: U.S. History is posted every Thursday. The two series' are meant to supplement college level survey courses on the same topics. Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr @thecrashcourse
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