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  • It is a favorite soundtrack choice for some rather cerebral movies and TV series. Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 in A major is famous yet unknown, stately yet dance-like. The second movement Allegretto is especially loved by audience, who insisted on an immediate encore at its premier in 1813.

    • In which movies or TV series has Beethoven's 7th Symphony appeared?
    • Can I view some videos and finid audios of its performance?
    • What is the second movement like?
    • How can this symphony be analyzed?
    • Where can I find free music sheet for this symphony?
  Dishes  - Soundtracks, Videos, Audios
  • Dish 2 : Best Scenes Ever - The King's Speech (Final Scene) |

  • The second movement is used in this entire scene. The King's Speech (2010) is the most famous and recent movie use of Beethoven 7th's Movement II (Allegretto) at the climactic moment of this movie. Beethoven's Symphony No 7, especially the second movement, is also used in other movies such as White House Down (2013), Knowing (2009), The Man from Earth (2007), The Darjeeling Limited (2007), Irreversible (2002) and other TV series, including Carl Sagan's Cosmos (1980) concluding episode, where he used 3 other movements. 

  • Final scene of the masterpiece.
  Chops  - Analysis and Music Sheets
  References and More

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