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  • Here are 4 websites to help you find hotels and better prices in Penang. Be sure to use Google Maps too.

  Dishes  - Compare hotel offers
  Chops  - Map & more tourist info
  • Chop 3 : Penang attractions for families with children | Readish Course 925

  • What might families enjoy in Penang, Malaysia? What do reviewers say about each attraction? We start from the ferry terminal, course through the city, northwest for kid-friendly attractions, south to Balik Pulau, swing around to the War Museum, aquarium, and plane spotting. Then perhaps cross the bridge to the mainland, for a little natural wonder - flireflies on river bank. Please make your suggestions via Comments. The "Chops" section includes reviews about local hawker food. To plot a course
  • Chop 4 : Fun places, street food, drinks, and arts in Penang, Malaysia | Readish Course 995

  • Penang is a top-10 island to visit before you die. It's #8 in Top 40 Hot Spots to go to in 2014; one of 8 great places to retire. Penang offers top 10 street food in Asia, and in the world. It is where you can enjoy the 6th most delicious drink in the world, and 3 of the top 10 drinks in Southeast Asia. Compare the 4 lists of attractions below, hopefully you will find the places you would most enjoy exploring. To highlight why Penang is worth visiting - food, drinks, life, arts, To compare 4 lis
  References and More

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