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  • Durian flowers or blossoms is a rare treat because the trees blooms only for a few days, normally only once a year. Preparation is also labor-intensive. Hence restaurants do not serve them. Durian flowers can be stir fried with meat, belacan (fermented shrimp cake), or cookied in curry.

    • How to collect durian blossoms,
    • How to clean and prepare them,
    • How to cook them.
  Dishes  - Recipes
  • Dish 3 : Durian Flowers with Sambal Belacan | House of Annie

  • A eye-opening dish that Sarawakians are crazy for. Sarawak is a wondrous place that is distinctly different from the other states in the Malaysian Federation. Their history is different (they gained independence from the British in July 1963 whereas Malaya or Peninsular Malaysia became independent in August 1957). Sarawakian culture is different (the ethnic mix is balanced between native Ibans, Malays, Bidayuh and other tribes plus Chinese while Malaya is majority Malay with Chinese and Indians making up the rest). And, Sarawakian food is different as well.

  Chops  - Videos and Pictures
  • Chop 3 : Durian Flower - Bunga Durian - It is... - Authentic Sarawak Food and History | Facebook

  • Durian Flower - Bunga Durian - It is really something that I missed for so many years. I loved it when it was cooked with Santan and sambal belachan, l like it crispy, I like sticky like ladies finger or paku.. I just love it. When I was young, when the durian trees start to bloom, we will bring newspaper and put it under the trees and collect the flowers.. now where can i get it... For those youngsters who have never tried this before, in the event you were offered this, never reject it, try and you will never regret it.. So do durian flower have durian flavor?? Hunt for the flower, cooked and let us know!! Cheers.

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