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  • The mysterious loss of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 generated an overwhelming amount of news and speculation. This Web list collects milestone reports - in news, images, social network discussions, even speculations and false leads - to memorialize this tragic and complex event. The links are arranged in roughly chronological order, except where we need to keep related stories together. Official statements, social network, map and tool sites are mostly in the "Chops" section below.

  • To memorialize MH370 by collecting:

    • News reports and images,
    • Links to official statements, social network, tools, and map sites.

    I include speculations, rumours, conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and false leads -  that together demonstrate the chaotic and confused context in the search of useful information about MH370.

  Dishes  - News in Chronological Clusters
  • Dish 51 : Probe zooms in on sabotage of MH370 |

  • March 15:, an independent and reputable Malaysian online news portal, made its MH370-related news free-to-view starting. The following articles attempt to explain questions and speculations being circulated around.

  • The probe into the missing flight MH370 is increasingly focused on the possibility of sabotage, aviation officials have been reported saying. According to Wall Street Journal today, the number of ...
  • Dish 104 : Tears and anger in Beijing |

  • March 24 news roundup, ending in the late night press conference officially announcing the loss of MH370 in Southern Indian Ocean, based on British analysis.

  • The search and rescue (SAR) operations for the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight MH370 enters its 17th day today, amidst warning of tropical cyclone Gillian striking vessels and aircraft taking ...
  • Dish 109 : 19th century physics used to trace MH370 |

  • March 25: "Inmarsat's scientists then interrogated the faint pings using a technique based on the Doppler effect, which describes how a wave changes frequency relative to the movement of an observer, in this case the satellite, a spokesman said. The Doppler effect is why the sound of a police car siren changes as it approaches and then overtakes an observer."
    "We then took the data we had from the aircraft and plotted it against the two tracks, and it came out as following the southern track."

  • Britain's Inmarsat used a wave phenomenon discovered in the 19th century to analyse the seven pings its satellite picked up from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 to determine its final destination. The ...
  • Dish 179 : 'Why first 240 mins of MH370 still secret?' |

  • Oct 25, 2014. "While the Malaysian government has released the recording between the pilot and air traffic control (ATC) which do not appear to be out of the ordinary, more vital is the communication recording between the military and civil ATC on their response to the missing aircraft.

    ... Ross added that the government owed the people these information as Australian taxpayers are now being made to foot a costly search for the missing aircraft in the Indian Ocean."

  • MH370 FREE Expert claims negligence of duty as the reason for secrecy.
  • Dish 190 : The persisting mystery of MH370 |

  • 2016-06-28
    Five pieces of debris found by Blaine Alan Gibson, what look like aircraft parts based on photographs that have been widely circulated, have remained in Madagascar waiting to be claimed by Malaysia. It has been reported that a Malaysian official deputed to secure the items has had his trip cancelled twice for reasons not known. Furthermore, it has just been reported that Malaysia’s Transport Minister has ruled out any connection between the personal belongings found on Riake Beach (the same beach where the other five pieces were found). Both these facts are astounding and convey a sense that Malaysia is less than sincere about its professed commitment to the search and investigation.

  • It is over 800 days since Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared. Pieces of debris, suspected to be from the aircraft, have lain in Madagascar for over three weeks now, along with more than a do
  Chops  - Official, Social, Maps, Tools
  • Chop 2 : Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Tribute |

  • March 30. "While the world knows this as Flight MH370, the actual airliner goes by the name 9M-MR0. The following images are of the actual missing Malaysian aircraft taken prior to March 8th by aviation photographers across the globe."

  • A backstory on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a tribute told through aviation photographers and planespotters from across the globe. It spans from Australia, Malaysia, Rome, LAX to South Africa. Their images and stories are powerful and will move you.
  • Chop 23 : Where Is Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? |

  • Technical discussion, speculation, and attempts to answer speculative questions.

  • A news journalist covering the MH370 missing plane situation from the media centre in Kuala Lumpur International Airport andan artist-activist following social media and Internet reports from San Francisco Bay Area join forces to fact-check and debunk myths related to MH370.

  References and More

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