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  • What do Breaking Bad, Duchess Middleton, the rock band Queen, Tchaikovsky, and Tsar's Easter Egg have in common? Lily of the Valley has inspired them all. These sweet-scented, white, bell-shaped, flowers are sometimes associated with Easter in Christian legends. It blooms from April to May, inspiring songs in France, China, Russia, and America.

    • What is Lily of the Valley?
    • What songs and cultural practices have it inspired?
    • What does it look like and how is it used?
  Dishes  - Songs: French/Russian/Chinese
  • Dish 1 : LE TEMPS DU MUGUET |

  • "Season of the Lily of the Valley" or "Le Temps du Muguet," is the French adaptation of the beautiful "Moscow Nights," with a new set of lyrics. It was used in a 1999 French comedy ("Not Everybody's Lucky Enough to Have Had Communist Parents" or "Tout le monde n'a pas eu la chance d'avoir des parents communistes"). The lyrics is unrelated to the Russian original  (See Desserts section), and is a new love song about Lilly of the Valley season in France in May.

    The season of lilies of the valley (See References section for French lyrics and translation)

  • Dish 5 : Chinese song Lilies of the Valley, choir arrangement 铃兰(宽中合唱团1997) |

  • Machine translated "Lily of the Valley" lyrics 

    In the jungle along the roadsides, lily of the valley (ah) being in full bloom. 
    Like a string of white jade bell, 
    The wind (ah) it shaking. 
    I think that falling season, 
    Forest will be rattled. 
    Ding Dong Ding Dong, Ding Dong Ding Dong, 
    Bursts of fragrance. 

    Jungle along the roadsides, lily of the valley (ah) being in full bloom. 
    Who put (it) in the starry horizon, 
    Touch spilled on the ground. 
    I think that night in the forest, 
    Grass will sparkle. 
    Starlight starlight starlight starlight, 

    Jingle jingling, Jingle jingling.

  • 铃兰 1997年新山宽中合唱团常年演唱会 - 回声 女声合唱 钢琴:彩妍 地点:宽柔中学大礼堂 日期:1998年1月10日. Johor, Malaysia, 1997, female choir.

  Chops  - Info, Images, Inspirations
  Desserts  References and More

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