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  • Teachers these days have the "Robocob" essentially at their finger tips to catch plagiarism. Several free Web services are eager to help. Still, students are best helped if they understand what is plagiarism, the philosophy against it, and how they can avoid it. Further, a common question is: What is the difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism.

    • What are the free Web tools teachers can use to catch plagiarism?
    • Can we use Google Image to spot image plagiarism?
    • What is plagiarism?
    • How can students learn to avoid plagiarism?
    • How is plagiarism different from copyright infringement?

    How do we avoid plagiarism in this Web list? Each source is clearly identified and linked to open in full browser tab.

  Dishes  - Web Tools to Catch Plagiarism
  Chops  - How to Avoid Plagiarism
  Desserts  References and More

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