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  • Learn critical thinking, which is required for quality writing. Learn the basic concepts in logic, proposition, fallacy, argument, probabilities, and how to avoid plagiarism. We highlight eight playlists of mostly short video lessons from Kevin deLaplante, Chair of the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies at Iowa State University. He also runs The Critical Thinker Academy website.

    • What is critical thinking?
    • What are the basic concepts?
    • What are logic, argumentation, proposition, fallacies?
    • How does good writing benefit from all these?
    • How do we avoid plagiarism in writing?
  Dishes  - Playlists of Video Lessons
  • Dish 1 : Basic Concepts in Logic and Argumentation |

  • Playlist of 12 short videos. Total 58 minutes

  • This is where every course in critical thinking begins, with a discussion of the most basic and foundational concepts necessary for argument analysis. What is an argument? What is a premise? What is a conclusion? What is a good argument? What is a bad argument? This course also introduces the single most important distinction in argument analysis, the distinction between the truth or falsity of the premises of an argument, and the logical relationship between the premises and the conclusion.

  • Dish 2 : Basic Concepts in Propositional Logic |

  • Playlist of 24 short videos. Total 1 hour, 27 minutes

  • You can't get very far in argument analysis without learning some basic concepts of propositional (also known as "sentential") logic. This is where, for example, you learn the proper meaning of terms like "contradiction" and "consistent", which should be part of everyone's logical vocabulary. In this course I review these basic concepts, but I don't spend time working out formal proofs in propositional logic, as you would in a full course in symbolic logic.

    My interest here is in pres

  • Dish 4 : Introduction to Fallacies |

  • Playlist of 15 short videos.Total 1 hour, 32 minutes

  • There is a small industry devoted to identifying and classifying fallacies of reasoning. A comprehensive list of recognized fallacies would run into the hundreds. This course introduces the concept of a fallacy and discusses some common fallacy types, but it in no way aims to be comprehensive. Instead the focus is on how any given fallacy can be understood using the basic concepts of argument analysis introduced in earlier courses. The only classification I use distinguishes logical or formal

  Chops  - Additional Resources
  References and More

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