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  • Pollyanna can be seen as naively optimistic compared with Rebecca, Anne, or Heidi. Nevertheless, her sunny personality inspires and empowers the readers

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  • Dish 1 : Audiobook on - Pollyanna - by Eleanor H. Porter, read by: Mary Anderson

  • In one video file, 6 hours 56 minutes.

  • Eleanor H. PORTER (1868 - 1920). Pollyanna tells the story of Pollyanna Whittier, a young girl who goes to live with her wealthy Aunt Polly after her father's death. Pollyanna's philosophy of life centers around what she calls "The Glad Game": she always tries to find something to be glad about in every situation, and to always do without delay whatever she thinks is right. With this philosophy, and her own sunny personality, she brings so much gladness to her aunt's dispirited New England to

  • Dish 2 : Audiobook at - Pollyanna (version 2)

  • LibriVox recording are in the public domain. You are free to download these MP3 files to play in your iPod, PC, smartphones, etc.

    Running Time: 6:06:50
    Zip file size: 176.2MB
    Catalog date: 2012-07-24
    Read by: Phil Chenevert
    32 MP3 files.

    Eleanor H. PORTER (1868 - 1920). In a small town far out West, 11 year old Pollyanna loses her mother then her dad to disease. This book describes how the orphan is sent to be raised by her aunt who lives far away in the East of the country. Unfortunately her aunt does not want her but accepts her very reluctantly only out of 'duty' and sticks her into a tiny hot attic room so she will be 'out of the way'. What Aunt Polly does not know is that Pollyanna is bringing the game of being 'glad' that her father taught her and that her irrepressible happy attitude will transform not only that dull and miserable house, but an entire village before she is through. (Summary by Phil Chenevert)

  • Librivox
  • Dish 3 : Audiobook at - Pollyanna (Dramatic Version)

  • Running Time: 06:07:00
    Zip file size: 172MB
    Catalog date: 2013-12-04
    Read by: LibriVox Volunteers
    32 MP3 files

    Eleanor H. PORTER (1868 - 1920). The story begins when Pollyanna arrives in Beldingsville to live with her Aunt Polly, a strict and dutiful middle aged woman. Pollyanna immediately begins to brighten up everyone's life by the "Glad Game." Trying to find something to be glad about in every situation, Pollyanna is happy, joyful, lively, and soon transforms the whole town. One day something so terrible happens, even Pollyanna doesn't know how to be glad about it. (Summary by Abigail Rasmussen)

  • Dish 5 : Pollyanna in 10 parts (2003 Movie) |

  • 1 hour and 39 minutes. A playlist of movie in 10 parts, from 2003. "A 2003 Carlton Television TV film version of Pollyanna starring Amanda Burton as Aunt Polly and Georgina Terry as Pollyanna is very faithful to the book, with one or two minor differences that do not affect the accuracy of the plot. It uses the original characterizations and storylines, but takes place in an English village rather than Vermont (only the scenery and accents show this—the town is still called Beldingsville). Like the book, it ends with Aunt Polly and Dr. Chilton married and Pollyanna walking, but the scene is the actual wedding with Pollyanna back for a visit rather than a letter as in the book." (Wikipedia)

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