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  • Classical children's novels about girls are popular because they depict young female under adverse life circumstances, yet overcoming these trials with good spirit and grace. They win respect and success by being positive - lessons not only suitable for girls but also for boys.

  • To list children's novels with female protagonists, and how they prevail over handicapped life circumstances.

  Dishes  - Bright Spirits
  • Dish 1 : Anne of Green Gables - Audiobooks, Text, Theme Park, Museum | Readish Course 1244

  • This red-hair girl in a straw hat has inspired a museum, tourism on Prince Edward Island, fan fiction, a musical, and Japanese tourists. Anne of Green Gables is one of the most popular characters in Children's literature. Many sequels, audiobooks and movies have been created based on L.M. Montgomery's young and spirited heroine. How many versions of audiobooks can we choose from? Where can I find the eText of Anne of Green Gables? What fun parks and places about Anne are open for me to visit? Wh
  • Dish 2 : The Little Princess - Free Audiobooks and Movies | Readish Course 1252

  • A Little Princess has been voted a "Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children and "Top 100 Chapter Books" of all time. It is a story about an heiress who fell into misfortune, became orphaned, but kept her spirit. Her graceful attitude and demeanour made her a princess in the eyes of those whom she met. Where can I find audiobooks of A Little Princess? Are there movies made from this novel? Where can I find the eText, background, study guide, reviews, and images about A Little Princess?
  Chops  - Darker Themes
  • Chop 1 : The Secret Garden | Readish Course 1262

  • Mary Lenox started as a sour-faced, spoiled, brat - in sharp contrast with the heroines of other children's classics. Orphaned and transplanted into a sorrowful household, Mary learned manners from her maidservant's family. She discovered a tragic companion, and together broke free of their gloomy fate - symbolized in the regeneration of her secret garden. Where can I find free audiobooks and eBooks for The Secret Garden? Where can I find movies and review of this novel? What location inspire th
  Desserts  References and More

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