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  • Google provides great API to create your own Street View and static map on your Web site. There are so many cnfusing ways to design and approach your Web features. These links are notes for further learning.

    • How do Street View and static map works in Google services?
    • What are some demos of the interfaces?
    • Where is Google documentation on Street View, map, and Google Earth?
    • What is Geocoding and where is the documentation?
    • What are other map related services from Google? (see References section)
  Dishes  - Demos, Google Documentation
  • Dish 14 : Panoramio - Help - Welcome to the Panoramio community |

  • How to view user-contributed location photos on Google's Panoramio service.

  • Photo-sharing community. Discover the world through photos. Panoramio is a community-powered site for exploring places through photography: cities, natural wonders, or anywhere you might go. Panoramio is a showcase for the talents of its contributors, a place to see the world, and a community where members determine the content. Panoramio photos don't contain commercial messages.

  • Dish 16 : Google Maps Web APIs — Google Developers |

  • Google Maps JavaScript API v3
    Build highly customisable maps with your own content and imagery

  • Create rich applications and stunning visualisations of your data, leveraging the comprehensiveness, accuracy, and usability of Google Maps and a modern web platform that scales as you grow.

    In only a few lines of JavaScript code, build and style a map to call your own. With plenty of Google libraries and services at your disposal (including Geocoding, Directions, Street View and more) your imagination is truly the limit. own. With plenty of Google libraries and services at your di

  • Dish 18 : Geocode with Google Maps API v3 |

  • The code behind the demo above. 

  • The purpose of this post is to show how to implement a simple address search tool with auto-completion using Google’s Google Maps API v3 with both client side geocoding and reverse geocoding.

    The search menu will propose to search for addresses in two ways: the first will be direct address typing with suggestions for auto-completion and the second will finding addresses by dragging a marker on a map.

  Chops  - Geocoding Info
  References and More

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