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  • Sugihara continued to handwrite visas, producing a normal month's worth each day, until the Japanese consulate in Lithuania was closed. By that time he had granted thousands of visas to Jews. He was still writing visas while in transit from his hotel and throwing visas into the crowd of desperate refugees out of the train's window even as the train pulled out. In final desperation, he flung out blank sheets of paper with only the consulate stamp and his signature (Wikipedia excerpt).

    • Who is Chiune Sugihara?
    • What did he do, and why did his actions matter, and to whom?
    • What kind of courage and initiative did he display?
    • What is holocaust and what is the historical background in Eastern Europe?
  Dishes  - Videos

  • 11 minutes documentary. Japanese and English subtitle, narrated in English.

  • "Do you remember this?" One day in August 1968, the event happened unexpectedly. A gentleman came over to Sugihara 'Sempo' Chiune suddenly. Showing Sugihara one tattered piece of paper, this gentleman asked him, "Do you remember this, Mr. Sugihara?" The piece of paper was the transit visa that Sugihara issued in Kaunas, Lithuania 28 years ago.

  Chops  - Background and Facts
  References and More

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