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  • Virtual Private Network lets your employees connect to your office computer in a secure manner. VPN also let individual circumvent certain types of censorship. VPN capability is available on all types of computers and operating systems, from Windows to Mac and Linux systems. Here's a practical web list about why you should and how you can set up your own VPN connections. Alternatively, consider using TeamViewer to remote control your computers and transfer files. 

    • What is Virtual Private Network, how does it work?
    • How can I set up and configure VPN on my computer?
    • Show me some instruction in video and images, please!
    • What is TeamViewer and how can I use it for free?
  Dishes  - What & Why of VPN
  • Dish 1 : How VPN Works |

  • (2:15 min video) VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. Think of your home network, or your office network, as private networks. Through a VPN connection, your computer, tablet or smartphone is able to securely connect with others on the Internet as if they were part of the same private network. ...

    This is especially significant for those who live in countries where the government is restrictive and censors online content and information from the outside world. VPN technology helps people in these countries get vital information and talk to the world, thus making their problems visible to the international community. They live in an information-blocking cage. And with our VPN service we give them one of the keys to more freedom.

  • Dish 2 : How a VPN Works - Codemy |

  • This is a comprehensive overview of VPN and a Codemy post, with a 7:28 minute video.

    VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. What it allows you to do is to connect to remote networks through the internet. Usually its used by companies to allow people within the company to securely access their files and share files amongst each other. However its application goes beyond that. VPNs have now become ubiquitous and are now embraced even by consumers / regular home internet users.

    • Why would you want to use a VPN?
    • How does a VPN work?
  Chops  - How to Set Up and Use Your VPN
  • Chop 2 : How to Use VPN |

  • A VPN, or virtual private network, is a way for companies to allow their employees to access company resources outside the office. Employees who access these resources may be remote staff, such as work-at-home employees, or sales people...
  • Chop 10 : TeamViewer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia |

  • TeamViewer is a proprietary computer software package for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. Versions are available for the Microsoft Windows, OS X,[1][2]Desktop Linux,[3]iOS,[4]Android Linux,[5]Windows RT[6] and Windows Phone[7]operating systems. It is also possible to access a machine running TeamViewer with a web browser.[8] While the main focus of the application is remote control of computers, collaboration and presenta

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