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  • Self-esteem, confidence, joy, managing tantrum, bully-proofing - don't we wish them on our kids. Good habits in eating, playing, learning, reading - that would be ideal. Learning apps, entrepreneurship and money sense - what can be more desirable? Then, look up these 273 free tips from Take your time absorbing these gems - register with Readish and collect this into your personal reading list.

  • So many things to learn to be parent:

    • How do I build self-esteem, confidence, joy, good habits in my kids?
    • What should I say or avoid saying to children?
    • How do I help them control their tantrum, punish when necessary, and help them avoid bulling?
    • How can they build good eating, playing, and learning habits?
    • What apps or web site will make them smart through fun?
    • How do I gently introduce them to entrepreneurship, money, and survival?
  Dishes  - Self-Esteem, Habits,Confidence
  Chops  - Food, Play, Learning, Money
  Desserts  References and More

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