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  • This course introduces key Readish features. You have only “reading permission” for this course and cannot edit it. If you would like to edit a sample course, try the "Demo courses" that were created when you initially signed up. You will see that a Readish course can be built on web links, other Readish courses, or Readish documents.

  • What can I do with Readish? 

    • Create web courses from search results. Cluster your links around a topic or concept that you want to learn about, 

    • Take advantage of the abundant media and expertise already on the web,

    • Create stand-alone documents. You can then link to this document from blog, social network, or a Readish course,

    • Create collections of inspiring or funny web photos, videos, slides, PDF, MP3 files, etc,

    • Share relevant courses with classmates, family, or friends,

    • Store web bookmarks.

  • Dish 1 : What can Readish do for me?

  • Why should I use Readish? What's in it for me? How is Readish different from other social bookmark sites? (Readish is not really a social bookmark site; it's a "learning" bookmark site.)

    Have you ever found many useful web resources - links, videos, blogs, photos, audio books, PDFs - around a topic you love browsing through, want to read in depth, watch again, and perhaps share with friends?   You bookmarked them in your browser, “liked” them in Facebook and ...

  • Dish 2 : What courses can I create in Readish?

  • (This is actually a link to a Readish document.)

  • It's up to your imagination! Here are some links to sample courses about making cheesecake, Spanish pronunciation, guitar, inspirational slideshows, juggling, defensive driving, and whatever that suits your fancy. Write your courses using other people's wisdom: Link to web pages and media that have been created by experts in their own fields! The kind of courses you can create at Readish is up to your imagination and needs. Here are some examples:   How to make no-bake cheese

  • Dish 3 : About

  • Read this outline about how you can take advantage of Readish services.

  • But it’s really about you. Search engines are great - but so much knowledge, so little organization! And it is easy to lose track of clusters of links, even with the help of bookmarks.   Readish is a free platform to let you quickly organize web links around particular concepts. You may:   Create “courses” from any web resources that are viewable in a web browser, Use a Readish course to cluster links around an idea or topic, Take full advantage of the web’s
  • Dish 4 : Making no-bake cheesecake

  • Totally unrelated - This is a link to a Readish course on "making cheesecake." It is a sample of how you can make use the abundant web videos, recipes, and blogs to create a course in Readish. Learn a topic more effectively from different angles and media, because varying the sources and perspectives can give us a better "feel" of the topic.

  • This course is about making no-bake cheesecake. We will use multiple media so that someone who has never made a cheesecake can get a good "grasp" of the process. This course will include: videos, recipes, blog articles. We will also include some "reward" and reference links. Here is a collection of short videos and recipes on making no-bake cheesecakes. Hopefully, even if you have never made one before, after taking a look from different angles, you would be able to absorb in 20 minutes all you
  • Dish 5 : Listen to Huck Finn, Mark Twain, and Marc Devine

  • This is a link to another Readish course - a compilation of MP3 files - the complete audiobook on Mark Twain's classic, with introduction, background, and further references.

  • This course aims to Pique your interest in Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by starting the course with a cartoon, Overview the background and context with a Wikipedia entry, Introduce you to Marc Devine's excellent audio book recording of the novel, Help you organize 43 chapters of MP3 audio files in an easy-to-access format, Help you keep track of which files you have listened to, by marking your last-read item with pink background, Link further to ePub, Kindle, HTML and other f
  • Dish 6 : O mio babbino caro !

  • This is a short course to help a vocal student or Puccini fan to get started. It combines video, Wikepedia article, lyrics and translation from Italian, use of Google translation machine to read the Italian lyric, a karaoke version, PDF of music sheet, and background of the Old Bridge on River Arno mentioned in the song, etc.

  • The objective of this course is to give the vocal student a quick round-up on this song by: watching video performances, reading about the background of the aria, opera, and composer, Understanding the Italian lyrics through its English translation, Singing along with a karaoke video, Practicing with music score, and more! O mio babbino caro is one of Puccini's most popular arias. Watch videos of the performance - Sissel's naughty interpretation and Maria Callas' sad interpretation. Read up on
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