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  • High intelligence, poor social skills, uneven development - Asperger's Syndrom is often viewed as high-functioning autism. But aren't we all on a very wide spectrum where one end is called "autism?" Whether we call it an illness or personal traits, children with Asperger's Syndrom benefit drastically from informed teaching and parenting strategies and tips.

    • What is Asperger's Syndrome?
    • How do I help a child with AS to develop?
    • I am looking for teaching strategies, tips, background, video explanation.
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  • Chop 11 : Genius May Be an Abnormality: Educating Students with Asperger's Syndrome, or High Functioning Autism |

  • I am becoming increasingly concerned that intellectually gifted children are being denied opportunities because they are being labeled either Asperger's or high functioning autism. Within the last year I have talked to several parents, and I was disturbed by what they said. One mother called me and was very upset that her six-year-old son had Asperger's. She then went on to tell me that his IQ was 150. I replied that before people knew about Asperger's Syndrome, their child would have received a very positive label of intellectually gifted. - See more at:

  • Educators need to become aware that intellectually satisfying work makes life meaningful.
  • Chop 12 : Teacher Tips and Support - Asperger Syndrome Parent-Professional Information Exchange |

  • Teachers: If you do not currently teach a child with Asperger's Syndrome you probably will very soon!  Statistics now show that 1 in 88 individuals has an autism spectrum disorder like Asperger's Syndrome.  This diagnosis has become more common than pediatric cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined. It occurs in all racial, ethnic, and social groups and is four times more likely to strike boys than girls.  By law, these students must be mainstreamed in general education classes to the maximum extent possible.  Research has proven that AS students think and learn differently and as a result, can sometimes present unique and challenging classroom behaviors.  

  • Chop 15 :

  • The online resource and community for Autism and Asperger's.

  • Wrong Planet is the web community designed for individuals (and parents / professionals of those) with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, PDDs, and other neurological differences. We provide a discussion forum, where members communicate with each other, an article section, with exclusive articles and how-to guides, a blogging feature, and a chatroom for real-time communication with other Aspies.

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