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  • Welcome to Readish! You can create courses for yourself, your children, students, or friends. New courses are unpublished by default. When you are ready, click the "Publish" button above to let others see it. In the "Course details" section below, you may change the access type to "Closed" or "Secret." Share by clicking the green "fork" icon above.

    Changes you make in the input boxes are automatically saved when you click outside. Have fun!

  • Here we show you how to create these assets in Readish:

    • A course - which is actually a list of bookmarks around any topic you want to learn about, review, or share with others. A course may include other Readish courses and documents,
    • A document - a stand-alone article with links and images (Instead of using Readish Document, you may find it easier to create documents in Google Drive, set the proper permissions, and link to them.),
    • A bookmark - your web link with your own remark,
    • A team - a list of users you regularly share courses with,
    • An ad - Yes, monetize you course, by inserting a chunk of third-party ad script, such as from Google AdSense. We will show you how.

  • Dish 1 : Create a course in Readish

  • This document lists steps and images to show you how to create a course at Click the top-right "Create" button, fill in the title, learing objectives, summary, and make use of our Web Waiter. Voila! You'll have your new course in no time.   Creating a course at Readish is simple. We will show you how in five steps.     Step 1: Click on the yellow “Create” button in the upper right corner, and select “New course.”       
  • Dish 3 : Create a bookmark in Readish

  • Bookmarks are annotated links.

  • There are multiple ways to create a bookmark in Readish. You can click a Bookmark icon, or click "Create bookmark" link in the Create menu. You also create a bookmark when you use Web Waiter to summarize web links.
  • Dish 4 : Create a team in Readish

  • You can create a "Team" to hold multiple user names. You can then share a course with this team of schoolmates or club members. By using team, you do not have to memorize all team members' user names and do not have type them manually.
  • Dish 5 : Create an ad in Readish to earn revenues | Readish Document 21

  • You may save third-party advertisement script in Readish, to be displayed near your courses or documents. Any revenue from these ads should benefit you, in accordance with your agreement with those third-party ad servers. Your ads will only be displayed when other users view your assets. While you view your own assets, the displayed ad will be Readish's ads that benefit Currently, we only allow ad scripts from Google AdSense. We will include other ad servers at a later stage. To cre
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