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  • Children bored with large public schools? Feeling "Home Alone" with homeschooling? What's this new intermediate alternative called micro-schooling?

    • What is micro-schooling?
    • How is it similar to or different from homeschooling?
    • What are recent innovations in schooling?
  Dishes  - Rethinking Big Public Schools
  Chops  - Micro Schools and Innovations
  • Chop 1 : Brightworks: An Extraordinary School |

  • Everything is interesting. We can create anything.

    Brightworks is a learning community that strives to create a meaningful learning experience for students based on depth of inquiry, collaboration through trust and creativity, and development into capable, adaptable citizens of the world. We use real tools, real materials, and real problems to encourage students’ love of learning, curiosity about the world, ability to engage, tenacity to think big, and p

  • Chop 3 : Acton Academy |

  • The Acton Academy is dedicated to inspiring each child to see life as a Hero's Journey, where someone with curiosity and character can find a "calling," using his or her most precious gifts, in a way that brings great joy, to solve a deep burning need in the world. We currently offer 1st through 9th grades. Our high school will be 10th-12th grades and will open for the 2015-2016 school year.

  • Chop 4 : Brooklyn Apple Academy |

  • Brooklyn Apple Academy is an urban one-room school house.
    We provide a hands-on, experiential, project based education.  

    We believe that children should have meaningful experiences with the world outside the classroom.  Kids should be given time to play outdoors.  Students at B.A.A. are given space, inspirational experiences, tools, and resources to work on in depth independent projects.  

  • Chop 5 : mSchool |

  • Introducing mSchool Todaya platform that guides students through mathfrom 3rd Grade through Algebra

  • mSchool believes every student deserves an incredible, personalized education. So we make it incredibly simple.
  • Chop 6 : 4.0 Schools |

  • Building the future of school. 4.0 is a community of passionate people building the future of school, one piece at a time. Based in New Orleans and New York, we invest in people who know that school needs to change and are ready to start building real solutions to real problems.

  • Chop 7 : QuantumCamp |

  • Hands-on, idea-driven math and science microschool for 1st through 9th grade. The QuantumCamp microschool offers a complete math and science curriculum that is engaging and rigorous while still being fun and inspiring. Consisting of both an in-class experience and out-of-class extension content, the QC microschool allows for a flexible schedule and individualized learning. 

  • Chop 9 : Hacking Education - A Hodgepodge of Resources | Readish Course 1361

  • Life hacking or education hacking requires a hodgepodge of skills and perspectives. Our mindset may be too confined by "traditional" public education. The Internet opens up unimaginable options. It's up to us to break out and grab the opportunities for personal happiness, like an entrepreneur grabbing at business profit. What is education hacking? What are the problems with our current education system? What are some ideas and direction being tried out now? What are some Web tools and resources
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