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  • Use free Web proxy servers as a quick way to circumvent government Internet censorship and filtering. Only use proxy servers that have good repuation or reviews. Use them at your own risk.

    Remember, ultimately the proxy knows your IP and history. Some virus checkers will be over-zealous and block them. 

    Note that the proxy servers often do not offer HTTPS connection, which means your passwords and sensitive information may be at risk.

    • What are proxy servers? How many kinds are there?
    • How can I use them? What are the benefits?
    • What are their limitations or disadvantages?
    • Where can I find free proxy servers I can use? 
  Dishes  - Background
  • Dish 1 : Proxy server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia |

  • Bypassing filters and censorship

    If the destination server filters content based on the origin of the request, the use of a proxy can circumvent this filter. For example, a server using IP-based geolocation to restrict its service to a certain country can be accessed using a proxy located in that country to access the service.

    Web proxies are the most common means of bypassing government censorship, although no more than 3% of Internet users use any circumvention tools.[4]

    In some cases users can circumvent proxies which filter using blacklists using services designed to proxy information from a non-blacklisted location

  • In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.
  • Dish 2 : What is a Proxy Server? |

  • "A special case of web proxies are "CGI proxies." These are web sites which allow a user to access a site through them. They generally use PHP or CGI to implement the proxying functionality. CGI proxies are frequently used to gain access to web sites blocked by corporate or school proxies. Since they also hide the user's own IP address from the web sites they access through the proxy, they are sometimes also used to gain a degree of anonymity."

  • The different types of web and application proxy servers (transparent, anonymous, and distorting proxies) and how to use them to hide your IP address.
  • Dish 4 : Should You Trust Any Proxy? |

  • "So what should you do if you're just dipping your toe in the proxy pool? 

    1. Never use or trust a proxy server no one has ever heard of. If you're not sure of the proxy, play it safe—do not pass on any private information that isn't encrypted. 

    2. The bottom line of this is to be wary when using proxy servers, and use only proxy servers of known integrity (i.e., the owner is known and trusted, has a clear privacy policy, etc.)."

  • The basic job of a proxy server is to hide your IP address from websites and chat forums. But is that enough? And what about the proxy itself?
  Chops  - Free Proxies & List
  • Chop 9 : Free Proxy Server |

  • This site is built to help web surfer like you navigate the web worry free. With our free proxy server, you can browse the web securely knowing that your privacy is completely protected. Browsing the web through our server will mask your ip with our ip so you will remain anonymous.

    In addition the anonymity you will also have access to blocked sites with our service. If you happen to be at work or at school you will enjoy access to social places like myspace, facebook, twitter and pinterest. These sites are usually unaccessible without services like us. So enjoy your stay and browse the web safely!

  • Get access to blocked sites quickly with our fast proxy server.
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