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  • What you fear says much about you. So what do you fear? What do you fear becoming? Here are free quizzes about fictional horror stories that can tell us much.

    • What scary characters are you?
    • Do you know your scary characters?
  Dishes  - What Horror Character are You?
  • Dish 11 : What Voodoo God Are You? |

  • Voodoo (which is actually spelled Vodou) is a haitian religion and cultural practice, which came about during the time of French colonialism, slavery, and the middle passage. It combines several west African religions and Christianity. The whole "black magic" and "voodoo doll" stereotype is completely false, and the religion actually has an extremely complex pantheon of "lwas", or spirits deities, that help them access Bondye, the big god in the sky. The lwas are all fascinating, so find your lw
  Chops  - How Well do You Know Horror?
  • Chop 11 : How Will You Die? |

  • Sick of wondering what will cause you to meet your maker? Wouldn't it be nice to stop worrying and prepare for the big event? Well, now you can. This deductive, methodical, scientific quiz will undoubtedly give you the answer you crave, so you can get started on planning your grave. Make sure to visit:
  References and More

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