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  • Here are "7 Free Brain Games You Haven’t Tried Before" according to Reader's Digest. Actually, I have tried sudoku. Some require Adobe Flash Player.

  • What are these brain teaser games like?

    1. Text Twist,
    2. Tri Peaks Solitaire,
    3. Treasure Hunt,
    4.  Entangled Figures,
    5. The Right Word,
    6. Writing in the Star,
    7. Web sudoku.
  • Dish 4 : Entangled Figures |

  • In this game, you see three entangled objects, like flowers, fruit, animals, geometrical figures, or amoebas, which taken together make up a more complex object. These three entangled graphical objects are compared to a multiple choice of similar or different objects that are possible components of the complex entangled figure. You must choose the one that is part of the entangled figure.

  Chops  - More Lists - Reader's Digest
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