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Children Literature Quizzes from The Guardian

 By Oriole

A Course

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These are 41 quizzes on children's novels, rhymes, and poems from the British newspaper The Guardian. Each quiz contains up to 10 questions on topics ranging from Dr. Seuss, nursery rhymes, Roald Dahl, horses, wolves, elephants, Christmas, Halloween, queens and witches, monsters and fairies.


Learning Questions

Test yourself on children's literature, and learn from it!


Dish 1: Dr Seuss quiz |

On Saturday it will be 20 years since the great storyteller Dr Seuss died. Try our quiz to test how much you really know about his wonderful words and ridiculous rhymes


Dish 2: Jack and Jill went up the...? - quiz |

Everyone loves nursery rhymes. But how well do you know them?


Dish 3: Nursery rhymes - quiz |

Humpty Dumpty had a little lamb. Didn't he? Try our fun nursery rhymes quiz and find out if you're a silly billy or a clever clogs


Dish 4: Where the Wild Things Are - quiz |

Are you wild? Prove it! Become the king of the wild things by taking our quiz to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Where the Wild Things Are and show us just how wild you are


Dish 5: How well do you know Roald Dahl? Quiz |

We've found out your favourite characters, but how well do you know your Dahl? Will you win the golden ticket or is detention with Miss Trunchbull in store for you? Find out in our quiz!


Dish 6: Books quiz: Roald Dahl |

How well do you know Roald Dahl's characters? Take our quiz and identify the following quotes from his books


Dish 7: We're Going On a Bear Hunt - quiz |

Michael Rosen's classic picture book We're Going On a Bear Hunt opens on stage in the West End today so put your bear hunting knowledge to the test with our quick quiz


Dish 8: Winnie-the-Pooh - quiz |

Do you know your heffalumps from your honey pots? Think you know everything that there is to know about the Hundred Acre Wood? Test your knowledge by completing our Winnie-the-Pooh quiz to celebrate the author, AA Milne's, 131st birthday!


Dish 9: National Poetry Day - quiz |

We're celebrating all things poetic today so we've set you some positively potty poetry questions - do you know the first lines of some classic children's poems?


Dish 10: How well do you know your fictional villains and anti-heroes? |

Now we all know everything about our favourite fictional heroes, but maybe it's time you tested how well you know your villains and anti-heroes instead?


Dish 11: How well do you know Snow White? - quiz |

With two versions of the classic fairy tale making it onto cinema screens this year, try our Snow White quiz to find out how well you know your happily ever afters


Dish 12: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry - quiz |

Insanely popular, with over a million copies sold every year, The Little Prince is a classic children's story telling the adventures of the boy who fell to earth. On the book's 70th anniversary, and with a new film by Universal pictures recently announced, we thought it was high time we tested your knowledge. Will your score make you look like a prince or a pauper?


Dish 13: Comic books and graphic novels - quiz |

With a new Asterix book selling millions of copies worldwide and the Phoenix comic reaching its 100th issue, we're celebrating the joy of the comic book. But do you know your Captain America from your Captain Manhattan?


Dish 14: Can you name the books on these benches? - quiz |

If you visit London this summer, you'll find some of your favourite characters as you've never seen them before, thanks to Books About Town, a National Literary Trust project, which has placed fifty book benches all over the capital. The specially commissioned artwork depicts the scenes and characters from classic stories, from the boy who wouldn't grow up to the strict nanny blown in on the east wind. How many can you recognise?


Dish 15: From Charlotte's Web to Stig of the Dump - A Puffin Book quiz |

Know your Tarka from your Wilbur? Test your skills in a quiz to celebrate the republishing of 20 timeless Puffin Book classics from Watership Down to Charlotte's Web


Dish 16: Bonfire Night Quiz |

Remember, remember it's Bonfire season! Time to munch on baked potatoes and watch the fireworks. But how well do you know your fictional fireworks? Try our explosive quiz to find out.


Dish 17: Tarzan – the quiz! |

With the new Tarzan movie out this weekend, Tarzan author Andy Briggs has devised this quiz for you – so come swing through the vines with us and test your jungle skills!


Dish 18: Tolkien's The Hobbit - quiz |

With the release of the second film in the Hobbit trilogy, test your knowledge of the source material - JRR Tolkien's book - and find out if you're set for treasure or desolation


Chop 1: Talking horses in fiction - quiz |

Michael Morpurgo's spectacularly successful story of a horse and his boy, War Horse, has been made into an acclaimed stage play and is soon to be released as a Hollywood film. Can't wait to watch it? Pass the time with our horses in fiction quiz and find out if you're a super steed or trailing the field.


Chop 2: Wolves in fiction - quiz |

As Nadia Shireen shows you how to draw the perfect wolf, here's 10 wily questions to test your knowledge of those cunning creatures


Chop 3: Elephants in fiction - quiz |

This week we are celebrating Babar the Elephant's birthday! It's 80 years since AA Milne first popularised Jean de Brunhoff's little French elephant to English readers, so here is a quiz to celebrate some of other favourite elephants in children's fiction


Chop 4: Mothers in Beatrix Potter - quiz |

It's Mother's Day this Sunday! Celebrate your wonderful mum with these cuddly mummies from the stories of Beatrix Potter


Chop 5: Mums in fiction - quiz |

Mums in fiction come in all shapes and sizes - good ones, bad ones or, in Harry Potter's case, dead ones. Have you noticed them? Find out in our mighty Mother's Day quiz


Chop 6: Fathers in fiction - quiz |

Fictional dads seem to do a lot of defending - of themselves and others - in children's books. Have you noticed? Find out in our fabulous father's day quiz


Chop 7: Dads in fiction - under-7s quiz |

From Daddy Bears to fairytale fathers, storybooks are full of dads. How much do you know about them? Find out in our father's day quiz


Chop 8: Royal children in literature - quiz |

As baby Cambridge greets the world, test your knowledge of royal progeny in literature


Chop 9: The best girls in fiction - quiz |

International Women's Day falls this week, so we thought we'd highlight some of the best female characters in literature


Chop 10: Father Christmas in fiction - quiz |

As we get ever closer to Father Christmas's busiest night of the year, we're getting more than a little bit excited! But how much do you know about Father Christmas's appearances in the land of fiction? Take our quiz to see if you'll be getting treats or coal in your stocking!


Chop 11: Christmas in children's books - quiz |

How well do you know your Christmas reads? Try our festive books quiz and find out if you're a Christmas cracker or will get a lump of coal in the toe of your stocking


Chop 12: Christmas presents in children's fiction - quiz |

You might know what you're getting for Christmas but do you know about the presents people get in novels? Take our fun and festive quiz to find out how some of your favourite characters celebrate the holidays


Chop 13: Halloween in books - quiz |

Think Halloween, think monsters, vampires, witches, and werewolves! But how much do you know about scary ghouls and ghosts in fiction, from Harry Potter to Twilight? Try our skeleton-rattling quiz to find out if you're a Halloween trick or treat


Chop 14: Chocolate and sweets in literature - quiz |

It's almost Easter and we're all ready to tuck into our chocolate treats - but how good is your literary sweet tooth? Here's ten tasty teasers to get your taste buds tingling!


Chop 15: Fairies in fiction - quiz |

Michelle Harrison, author of Thirteen Treasures and One Wish, has set this fiendish fairy quiz to see if your folklore knowledge is fair or foul. Test your skills and then read the first chapter of One Wish here


Chop 16: Queens in fiction - quiz |

Can you tell the Prince from the Pauper? Do you know your ma'ams from your majestys? Take our quick Queen's Quiz and find out!


Chop 17: Dragons in literature – quiz! |

As How To Train Your Dragon 2 roars onto the cinema screens, we ask: is your dragon knowledge ferocious or tame? Find out by taking our mythical quiz!


Chop 18: Amazing monsters in fiction - quiz |

Are you a geek about freaks? As we ask you to draw your own crazy creatures to win some monstrous prizes, test your knowledge of these amazing monsters with our quiz


Chop 19: Witches in fiction - quiz |

As Winnie the Witch celebrates 25 years of casting her spell over young readers, we are testing your knowledge of witches in fiction: do you know which witch is which?


Chop 20: Back to school in fiction quiz |

Got the back to school blues? Ward them off with our schools in books quiz and find out if you'll be starting the new term at the top of the class or pretending that the dog ate your homework


Chop 21: Teachers in fiction - quiz |

It's back to school this week, but do you know your Miss Honeys from your Miss Trunchballs? Which teachers rule the school?


Chop 22: Australia in children's books - quiz |

It's Australia day on Sunday - how much do you know about down under in children's fiction?


Chop 23: Sport in fiction - quiz |

Team GB is going for gold this week - and so are we! Will you be a champion or an also-ran as we test your knowledge of sport in fiction?




Thank you for reading!

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