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Kid Survival Tip - Building Debris Hut

  • Learning to build debris shelter is a fun activity and a valuable survival skill. For safety reason: Never light fires anywhere near your debris hut. Debris huts are presumably most suitable in dry season when fire can easily get out of control. Also make sure to put up signs for searches to find you, because your hut will be so well camouflaged. 

    • What is a debris hut or debris shelter?
    • How can we build one?
    • What are the plannings needed?
    • Can I see some pictorial guides?
Dishes  -  Step-by-step and Pictorials
  • Dish 1 : How to Make a Survival Shelter From Leaves With Your Kids |

  • Do you and your kids love survival shows like Man vs. Wild and Survivorman?

    Have you ever slept outdoors in a tent, lean-to orteepee you built yourself?

    Want to share an experience like that with your kids?

  • Want to share an important survival skill with your kids without them realizing it? Make a fun outdoor survival shelter out of nothing but leaves and debris.
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  • Dish 2 : How to Build a Debris Shelter |

  • Tips

    • If there are more than two people you need to build multiple shelters, two is the most you can put in a shelter and keep the shelter effective.
    • Don't skimp on leaves they are the most important part!
    • Try not to cut off any living branches, and if you have to find a sapling that looks like it probably won't survive, under a thick canopy were not a lot of sunlight comes through, or if it is in a group of a lot of other trees of the same type. When cutting, cut as close to the trunk as you can and when you are done thank the tree for giving you the branch.
    • Make sure you put enough leaves on top, because lots of times people pile leaves on the side and then the top is completely exposed.
  • In a wilderness survival situation you need to live by the sacred order: Shelter, Water, Fire, Food. In this article you will learn how to build a debris shelter that will keep out rain and keep in heat. Learn from the squirrels, if you...
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  • Dish 3 : Debris Hut Part 1 |

  • Step-by-step pictorial. 

    • Step 1: Shelter Location
    • Step 2: Clear the Ground
    • Step 3: Elevate the Ridge Pole
    • Step 4: Cover with Dirt
    • Step 5: Lashing the A-Frame
    • Step 6: Assemble the Ridge Pole
    • Step 7: Assemble the Ribbing
    • Step 8: Seal it Up
    • Step 9: Add Debris... Lots of Debris
    • Step 10: Build a Tunnel
    • Step 11: More Debris!
    • Step 12: Semi Finished
  • How to build a debris hut, and my experience sleeping in it.
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Chops  -  Step-by-step and Pictorials
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