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  • Fake identities and names can be used in software testing, fictional writing, and hiding your identity online. What Jacob Allred created is a service based on non-existent but real-looking combination of name, address, credit card ID, and other imagined details, but a real email address.

    • What is Fake name Generator and Fake Email Generator by Jacod Allred?
    • How can you use this service?
  Dishes  - Why and How of Fake Names
  Chops  - Create Fake Name and Email
  • Chop 1 : Generate a Random Name - Fake Name Generator |

  • Is the Fake Name Generator illegal?

    The simple answer is no, the Fake Name Generator is not illegal.

    We do not condone, support, or encourage illegal activity of any kind. We will cooperate with law enforcement organizations to assist in the prosecution of anyone that misuses the information we provide or that asks us to provide illegal materials, such as forged documents or genuine credit card numbers.

    All of the information we provid

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