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  • Up to 45% of elders fall each year. Vision, medication, lack of balance, muscle strength, shoes, and hazards around home can be the culprit. Injuries from falls can be delibitating and expensive, but many injuries can be prevented with tips and exercises. This Web list collects exercise videos, tips, and brochures with pictorial guides.

    • I want to prevent falls in elder folks,
    • I want to introduce simple exercises to them,
    • Find me short videos about exercises for elderlies to prevent fall,
    • Find me tips and pictorial guides I can print, such as PDF files.
  Dishes  - Exercise Videos
  • Dish 1 : Go4Life Exercise--Wall Pushups and 14 more Videos |

  • A playlist of 15 videos about exercises that strengthen the muscles, to prevent falls among the elderlies, from The National Institute On Aging. Each video is 1-2 minutes in length. This 15-video playlist totals only 31 minutes.

    Get moving! Try a variety of Go4Life exercises right now!

    1. Wall Pushups 1:26
    2. Overhead Arm Raise 1:28
    3. Hand Grip 3:10
    4. Back Leg Raise 1:59
    5. Side Leg Raise 2:05
    6. Toe Stand 1:57
    7. Stand on One Foot 3:01
    8. Heel-to-Toe Walk 1:07
    9. Balance Walk 0:56
    10. Back Of Leg Stretch 2:48
    11. Ankle Stretch 2:27
    12. Shoulder and Arm Stretch 2:02
    13. Back Stretch 2:36
    14. Go4Life Exercise - Inner Thigh Stretch 1:43
    15. Go4Life Exercise - Chair Dip 2:15
  • Exercise your upper body at work like Linda with Go4Life's Wall Pushups.
  • Dish 3 : Exercises at the Kitchen Sink-- Part 1 |

  • Part I is 8 and 1/2 minutes in length. Part II is 7 and 1/2 minutes at

    There's an accompanying brochure listed in the "Chops" section below..

  • Seven activities for seniors to improve balance, strength and flexibility.

    Seven Activites from the Strategies and Actions for Independent Living (SAIL) Program developed by the British Columbia Injury Research and Prevention Unit and brought to you by the Chatham-Kent Falls Prevents Coalition.

  Chops  - Tips & Brochures
  • Chop 9 : “Exercises at the Kitchen Sink”

  • A 32-page PDF brochure, guide, and workbook on exercises illustrated in the YouTube video in the Dishes section above.

  • The exercises in the booklet consist of 7 activities from the Strategies and Actions for Independent Living program from the province of British Columbia. It is our hope that by following the suggestions in the booklet and doing the exercises you will improve your muscle strength, balance and endurance and reduce your risk of falling.

  • Chop 10 : Prevent Falls - Stay on Your Fee |

  • 15-page PDF brochure.

  • Preventing falls is important to help maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalization and death, and a major reason for admission to a residential care facility. Although a fall can happen to anyone, anywhere, the result of a fall is usually more serious as we age.

    The first steps to avoiding a fall are understanding what causes falls and knowing that many falls are predictable and preventab

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