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  • Can adults learn swimming from online videos? YouTube is seemingly amazing in delivering audio and video instruction on overcoming the fear of water, and learning to float, kick water, make arm movements, and to watch out for common mistakes. Try them out!

  • Use online videos to answer these questions:

    • How can I overcome my fear of water?
    • How can I learn to kick water?
    • How can I learn to float?
    • How can I combine arm movements and kicking?
    • What swimming mistakes should I avoid, and how can I avoid them?
  Dishes  - Overcome Fear. Float kick Swim
  • Dish 3 : How to Float |

    • Stand with head horizontal just on the water, walk around and get used to it,
    • Next start near the wall,
    • You lung is your baloon.
  • Floating is a swimming skill needed in a survival situation. Floating can be done on the back or front. Get expert tips and advice in this swimming video.
  Chops  - Breathe Correctly
  References and More

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