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  • He told God he had More, and was sent to prison along with the priest and witness who married them. His flea was his matchmaker. He told Death to die, commissioning a portrait of his own rise at the Apocalyse. A spellbinding preacher, and a metaphysical poet, Donne was born in a period of religious and political turmoil in Europe (much like today's Islamic world) and masterfully mingled deep sense of personal sin, faith, and redemption in his poems - when not wrting about love. 

    • To listen to John Donne's poems as read by great voice actors,
    • To appreciate the text,
    • To enjoy John Donne through quotes and images of his poems,
    • To learn the background, analysis, and to learn from study guides.
  Dishes  - Audios, Text , Quotes
  • Dish 5 : Text - John Donne. "Songs and Sonnets." |

  • This HTML e-text of John Donne's "Songs and Sonnets" was created in January 2000 by Anniina Jokinen ofLuminarium. The unaltered text is from The Muses' Library edition, edited by E. K. Chambers, 1896. Chambers' text is based on the 1633, 1635, 1650 and 1669 editions of Donne's Poems— the current editor has omitted the variorum and notes, for which the reader is encouraged to see the source text, or any of the excellent modern works on the subject. ...

  • John Donne's Songs and Sonnets
  Chops  - Study Guides & Background
  References and More

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