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  • Paper airplanes never fail to capture the child's imagination. Paper craft or origami also promotes creativity and fine motor skills in children, and inspire their wonder in simple physics. But alas, adults have forgotten how to fold them. Fortunately, there are YouTube and enthusiasts who make video tutorials of all kinds of paper aeroplanes.

    • Learn to make simple paper airplanes from video tutorials,
    • Entertain, distract, education children about flight.
  Dishes  - Basic Paper Airplanes
  • Dish 8 : Playlist of 6 Easy to Make Paper Planes Tutorial | Pozzo

    • by Mahir Cecen
    • 6 videos
    • 22 minutes

    How to make a paper airplane that flies far and straight in easy steps? 
    This playlist summarizes the easiest paper airplanes that were uploaded on this channel by Mahir Cecen. These origami airplanes are all easy to be memorized and made.

    If you are not experienced in paper folding and origami this playlist may be the perfect tool for you to learn simple paper planes that will fly straight over large distances without crashing.

  • How to make a paper airplane that flies far? This tutorial shows how to make the best paper airplane in the world of paper planes. ✖ Stay connected! » Facebo...
  Chops  - More Info
  • Chop 1 : Mahir Cecen |

  • Mahir Cecen shows us how to make many paper airplanes. Very clear videos. Mahir Cecen's caption is in German. You can use the Setting icon to translate it to English.

  • This channel is about paper airplanes: Monthly, I upload tutorials explaining how to make a paper airplane that flies far. Whether as a pastime at school or ...
  Desserts  References and More

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