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  • Visitors to Bangkok can be overwhelmed by the sprawling metropolitan. This is a Web quest to help you learn about this City of the Angels - yes, that is the nickname for Bangkok. Use the questions below to search for answers and save the links in your own new Web list (course).

  • Instruction:

    • Copy these Learning Questions, paste into a new "course" of your own.
    • Search the Web for answers to these questions about Bangkok.
    • Search Wikipedia, Maps, Images, PDFs, articles, etc.
    • Save the links you find in your new course or Web list.


    1. What is the Thai name for Bangkok - yes, the one that is 144-Thai-character-long, that sounds right out of a computer game, that starts with the "City of angels, great city of immortals, ..." (Save that Web link as your first Dish.)
    2. Which of Bangkok's two airports has the statue depicting the Hindu myth "Churning of the Ocean of Milk?" (Find an image and save the URL.)
    3. How do you pronounce the names of Bangkok and the Thai international airport? (Hint: You can do it without knowing any Thai. Save the Google Translate full link.)
    4. If you were to take domestic flight to Chiengmai, what's the name of the domestic airport? (Save whatever link - Wikipedia, map, or Flickr image search)
    5. Can you find the River Chao Phraya on Google Maps? Save the link of the Google Street View for a river-side antique shopping area. It has a view of the Rama III Bridge to the south.
    6. What is the main color of the garland at the shrine of the three-headed Erawan? (Hint: use Google Street View. Look for the busy junction within 5 minutes walking distance of Grand Hyat Erawan Hotel, World Trade Center, Gaysorn shopping complexes. If you walk from BTS mass transit's Chidlom station, you would have to pass by a Haagen Dazs ice-cream, Starbucks, and McDonald's)
    7. You want to go to one of the floating market north of Bangkok. But under what circumstances can you find a tour package costing less than US$50 per pax?
    8. Can you find the map of the entire the mass transit sytem in Bangkok? There is a good and colorful PDF file somewhere.
    9. Which is the better view of the Victory Monument big roundabout - Google Street view or 360-degree City panoramic view? (Save both links.)

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