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  • In the Land of Smiles, you must first learn to smile and greet others. Then learn the numbers and go shopping! Get ready for your next trip to Bangkok.

    • How do I greet others in Thai?
    • How do Ii count from 1 to 10, and beyond?
    • To learn from short, clear, videos with on-screen text in Thai and English.
    • How to count to 1 million! (See References section)
  Dishes  - Greetings!!!
  • Dish 4 : Learn Thai Language Lesson: Introduction to Thai |

    • Another learning approach for your different learning style!
    • 8:34 minute video.
    • Learn about basic greeting and useful daily phrases. 
    • The Khrap (male) and Kha (female) again used for politeness.
    • How are you (Are you fine)? (I am) fine.
    • Thank you (khrap or kha).
    • Sorry  (khrap or kha).
    • Yes or No. ... and more.
  • lesson that will introduce you to the Thai language. Learn all the phrases you need for traveling in Thailand.
  Chops  - Numbers & Counting
  References and More

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