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  • No, this is not an Internet hoax. There is a real, 2.3-km, cable-suspended, concrete, bridge just for your angling pleasure. The US$40-million Pulau Bunting Bridge in Kedah,  northern Malaysia, links the mainland to an uninhabited island without any industry. The fishing and photography haven, however, comes without any public toilets. (This Pulau Bunting is not to be confused with Pulau Dayang Bunting of Langkawi islands, also part of Kedah.)

    • Is the Pulau Bunting Bridge an Internet hoax or is it real?
    • Where is it located?
    • How does it look?
    • How do I get there?
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  • Dish 3 : See it on satellite - and driving direction |

  • Wikimapia displays nearby and interesting places too.

    Direction: The idea is get off Gurun expressway exit, go north on old Highway 1, pass Guar Cempedak, look for Kampung Batu 17 and turn left on Jalan Sedeka towards the sea.

    In steps, to go to Pulau Bunting:

    • from the Expressway, get off the Gurun exit and go through Gurun town.
    • Make some north and west turns to find the old Highway 1 towards Alor Setar.
    • Pass Kampong Guar Cempedak, 2-3km, pass Sungai Padang Terap,
    • Find Kampong Batu 17's T-junction and turn left into the tree-lined Jalan Sedeka (like the singer Neil Sedeka).
    • Go west towards the sea for 7-8 km (straight across a 4-way junction, the road become Jalan Batu 17).
    • When you hit a dirt road near the sea, turn right for 1km.
    • That's it! The bridge is hidden on your left.
  • Wikimapia is an online editable map - you can describe any place on Earth. Or just surf the map discovering tonns of already marked places.
  • Dish 9 : DSC08076 |

  • Taken on March 29, 200. By Tan Hiyin Tiong.

  • 这条被遗弃的大桥,成了钓鱼者的天堂。这张照片是从岛上桥边往上拍摄的。刚好有个蓝衣的垂钓者,加上桥中央刚好有一双并排驾驶的摩多车,令本来散发孤寂落寞感的石灰桥,带来了一丝丝的生气。
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