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  • These heat-and-air fryers may just satisfy our craving for fried chicken wings and other fried food. Some times called non-oil fryers, these are actually low-fat, air-fryers. They would complement Thermomix, which can do everything else except frying. The reviews are generally favorable. A light dose of oil or spray is still needed to seal in the moisture - unless the food itself is already fatty. I don't sell these machines - just researching for myself - and might as well record the results

    • What are air fryer machines? What are available out there?
    • How do I use them?
    • What can they fry?
    • Do they really cut down on frying oil?
  Dishes  - Air-Fryer - NuWave & Philips
  Chops  - More Brands & Reviews
  References and More

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