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  • Do children live too close to home, school, and too far away from business, customer service, and the reality of making a living? Though part fantasy, TV reality shows do provide fun demonstration of entrepreneurship, lessons in meeting customer demand, as well as the freedom and challenges of running successful family businesses. Ths Web list is a casual overview of four such reality TV shows: Pawn Stars, Duck Dynasty, Redwood Kings, Treehouse Masters.

    • Where can I find safe and fun lessons about entrepreneurship for children?
    • What reality TV shows are about family businesses?
  Dishes  - Pawn Stars & Duck Dynasty
  • Dish 3 : Pawn Stars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia |

  • Pawn Stars is an American reality television series, shown on History, and produced by Leftfield Pictures. The series is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it chronicles the daily activities at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a 24-hour family business opened in 1989 and operated by patriarch Richard "Old Man" Harrison, his son Rick Harrison, Rick's son Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison, and Corey's childhood friend, Austin "Chumlee" Russell. The series, which became the network's highes

  Chops  - Redwood Kings Treehouse Master
  • Chop 8 : Biographies | Treehouse Masters | Animal Planet

  • Pete Nelson is the visionary, tree-loving head honcho (and creative genius!) of Nelson Treehouse & Supply. He resides in Fall City, Washington, where he owns and operates Treehouse Point, a retreat consisting of half a dozen treehouses that clients can rent and experience the glories of tree living for themselves. Pete’s family, who all help him with the business, includes his wife, Judy; daughter, Emily; twin sons, Charlie and Henry; and, of course, his three dogs, Roy, Chica, and Vic!

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