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  • Many reviews compare Nolan's Interstallar to Kubrick's 2001: a Space Oddysey. This Web list collects comparisons of Interstellar with Zemeckis's Contact, written by Carl Sagan and starring Jodie Foster.

  • What's the similarities and differences between the movies Interstellar (2014) and Contact (1997)?

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  Dishes  - Reviews Comparing the Two
  • Dish 4 : Interstellar review – if it’s spectacle you want, this delivers |

  • While it’s temptingly easy to cite 2001 (anything invoking a dimensional “star gate” triggers rarely positive Kubrick comparisons), the movie that hangs over Interstellar like the dust cloud atmospherically engulfing its earthbound scenes is Contact, with which it shares much more than just leading man McConaughey. Adapted from a novel by Carl Sagan (with signature input from Interstellar’s theoretical physicist Kip Thorne), Robert Zemeckis’s 1997 epic similarly centred on a daughter crying out to a lost father whose soul seems to abide somewhere across the universe.

  • Despite a plot full of holes of various kinds, Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic remains enthralling and amazing, writes Mark Kermode
  • Dish 6 : ​McConaugheys in Space |

  • Interstellar begins by establishing the strong bond between a father, played by Matthew McConaughey, and his daughter. As I watched, I found myself traveling through a wormhole to a time prior to the McConaissance when an earlier, breezier McConaughey played a pivotal role in a different movie about space travel: 1997’sContact, that also marks its opening beats by establishing the relationship between a daughter and her father.

    Though many comparisons have been made between Interstellar and Kubrick’s 2001, I find the comparison to Contact not only delightful because of the McConaughey cross-over, but also suggestive of how radically cinematic and cultural valuations of the cosmos have changed in the almost twenty years since Jodi Foster’s Ellie Arroway took her own interstellar journey. Contact, I should note, was a formative movie in my own coming-of-age story, one that set me on a path first towards becoming an astronomer, but ultimately ending up an anthropologist studying the contemporary culture of astronomy. 

  • What two very different Matthew McConaughey characters in two very different films tell us about our changing attitudes toward space.
  Chops  - Shorter Commentaries
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