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  • Watching Himalayan cherry blossoms is a Winter tourist attraction in northern Thailand, around December. The place is Doi Angkhang, and the The "Chops" section below contains two videos of driving under the pink clouds.

    • Where can I view cherry blossoms in Thailand?
    • When can I view them?
    • How do I get there? What does it look like driving through the bloom?
    • What else can I do at Doi Angkhang?
    • Where is the Angkhang Royal Agricultural Station and what gardens and fruits can I enjoy there?
  Dishes  - Intro and Reviews
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  • 6 sweet and romantic routes for Cherry Blossom in the Northern Thailand
    December – February ...

    2. Doi Ang Khang, A. Fang, Chaing Mai: 

    During the road lead to Angkhang Royal Agricultural Station, there are plenty of Nang Phaya Seua Krong trees along the way that will bloom beautifully during the cold season, another recommended destination to visit.

    Not to be missed: the Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station is developed into a tourist attraction, where you will find beautiful winter flower gardens and fruit plantations and view point to enjoy spectacular landscape. 

    Recommend: The station offers accommodation, tents and campsite, restaurants and activities which allow you a comfortable stay overnight here. Advance booking is recommended at tel. +6653 450 107-9 ext. 114

    Entrance Fee: 50 Baht open from 06.00 – 18.00 hrs.

    How to get there:
    Doi Ang Khang is on Highway No. 107 (Chiang Mai-Fang). Turn left at the intersection around Km. 137 (at Mae Kha Market) and proceed to Doi Ang Khang for a further 25 kilometres. It is a steep zigzagging asphalt road. Therefore, only vehicles in good condition and experienced drivers should make the trip. The local truck (Song Thaeo) from Mae Kha Market offers a chartered service to the splendid mountain. 

    For more information please call: +6653 450 107-9, +6653 450 031

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  • Dish 5 : Brave a high road to Doi Angkhang |

  • Is the Doi Angkhang route well-paved and interesting enough to visit?

    Q: I plan to drive around Chiang Mai province for three days in January. Is the Doi Angkhang route well-paved and interesting enough to visit? My driving skills are fine but I’m new to driving on the left. Also, do I need to hire a 4-wheel drive vehicle for this trip or is an ordinary car okay?

    A: Doi Angkhang is cool and pleasant to visit especially in January, when you can take in the pink blossoms of the Himalayan cherry trees all over the mountain. When people talk about visiting Doi Angkhang, they usually mean stopping off at the Royal Agricultural Research Station Angkhang ( This is the flagship for the Royal Projects, and the main research station for temperate fruits, testing new strains and cultivating fruit saplings for extension throughout the Royal Projects.

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  Chops  - Videos, Map, Images
  • Chop 1 : Video of Scenic ride to Doi Ang Khang in Chiangmai, Thailand. |

  • Doi Ang Khang, in Chiang Mai province, is an area on the border with Myanmar consisting of a number of peaks and ridges that, although largely deforested, contain a lot of scrubby vegetation and forest patches which provide enough habitat to house a good number of bird species, many of which are found in few other parts of the country. 

    One of the joys of Doi Ang Kang is that the scenery is quite beautiful and there is a variety of accommodation to choose from, together with some tasty fresh food. This region is a very relaxing place to stay with plenty of opportunities for walking and birding in the surrounding countryside. A number of small hilltribe villages are dotted around the region as are a few Thai military outposts.

  • Doi Ang Khang, in Chiang Mai province, is an area on the border with Myanmar consisting of a number of peaks and ridges that, although largely deforested, co...
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