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  • Travel blogs are big literature business because each of us is a vagabond with unquenched wanderlust. Modern Marco Polos - male and female entrepreneurs - are feeding the Web with their travel adventures, photos, advice, money-saving tips, and videos. They share their dreams and experience of distant lands and foods. Here is a list of the top 100 travel blogs - mostly by streetwise, worldly smart, individuals, couples, and families. This list is based on a ranking at

    • Where can I find the best travel blogs?
    • What advise, images, adventure stories, cost-saving tips do they offer?
    • Let me view their photos and videos.
  Dishes  - 100 Top Travel Blogs
  • Dish 1 : Nomadic Matt's Travel Site - Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer |

  • But like most Americans I only had two weeks of vacation per year and I didn’t know any of the genius ways to save money and travel longer. A trip to Thailand in 2005 changed that. There in the wonderful city of Chiang Mai, I met five backpackers who showed me that I didn’t have to be tied down to my job and that I didn’t need to be rich to travel.

    After that trip, I went home, finished my MBA, quit my cubicle job, and, in July 2006, set out on an adventure

  • Dish 2 : Everything Everywhere Travel Blog |

  • In March 2007 I sold my house and have been traveling around the world ever since. Since I started traveling, I have probably done and seen more than I have in the rest of my life combined.

    So far I have visited all 7 continents, over170 countries and territories around the world, every US state and territory, every Canadian province, every Australian state and territory, over 125 US National Park Service sites and over 285 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Traveling around the world since 2007. Travel Photographer of the Year.
  • Dish 3 : y Travel Blog - Travel more. Create better memories |

  • We caught the travel bug 16 years ago, and have been traveling on-and-off ever since. It’s our absolute passion to help others follow the same bliss. And we’ve been changing people’s lives on this travel blog since 2010.

    Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Caz and Craig Makepeace a married couple from the Central Coast of Australia, but we like to call the world our home. We’re serial travel addicts and have lived in 5 countries and had adventures through 52.

  • Dish 4 : A Luxury Travel Blog - For those who enjoy the finer things in life... |

  • The blog is brought to you by Dr. Paul Johnson (pictured right on an expedition with Land Rover, travelling from Kathmandu, Nepal to New Delhi, India) – a member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association – and a team of more than 400 writers and guest bloggers.

    Paul has worked in the travel industry for more than 25 years and has travelled extensively, from his home in Kendal, Cumbria (UK) to places all over the world. He is also a Director of The Dedicated Partnership Ltd., an online tourism marketing company with a client base that includes some of the finest hotels in the world.

  • A Luxury Travel Blog brings you the best in luxury hotels, holidays and travel for those who appreciate the finer things in life.
  • Dish 5 : Adventure Travel Blog for Couples | The Planet D

  • Hi we’re Dave and Deb from Toronto, Canada. Married for 16 years we’ve have always lived a life less ordinary. It was only a year into our relationship that we relocated from Toronto to Vancouver to pursue our dreams of being famous musicians. While things didn’t exactly go as planned, we did fall into the booming film business instead. Dave as a Rigging Gaffer and Deb as a Make-Up Artist.

  • Adventure Travel blog for couples featuring advice, tips, inspiration and photos for couples seeking vacation destinations around the world.
  • Dish 6 : Home |

  • Hi! I’m Matt. Adventure travel & photography are my passions. Join me as I share entertaining stories, useful tips, & captivating images with you from around the world.

    I’ve been traveling our planet for the past 4 years now. Why? Because I’m curious about the world. I want to take risks, meet interesting people, challenge myself, learn new things, and grow as a person. Plus it’s pretty damn fun!

    • Travel doesn’t have to be expensive
    • Adventures are worthwhile
    • The world isn’t as dangerous as you think
  • Dish 7 : Wandering Earl |

  • On December 25th, 1999, I left the USA for a three-month, post-graduation trip to Southeast Asia. It’s now been over fourteen years and that trip has yet to finish.

    The adventure has involved over 85+ countries (view the list here) on 6 continents, work as a Tour Manager on board cruise ships, two years in India, experiments with meditation, muse-creation, mountain-climbing and movie acting, volunteer work, an inappropriate amount of time on tropical islands and eating inappropriate amounts of street food, a two-day kidnapping, being placed on the US ‘terror watch list’, teaching English in Asia and a fruitless search for a pair of sandals with sufficient arch-support for my flat feet, among many other things.

  • The Life of a Permanent Nomad
  • Dish 8 : Adventurous Kate |

  • My name is Kate McCulley and I travel the world for a living.

    I’ve been shipwrecked in Indonesia. I’ve taken a boob to the face in Istanbul.  I’ve hit on Jon Stewart in New York City, which got me subsequently mocked on The Daily Show, and I’ve been an extra in a really, really bad German movie.

    That’s my life. If there’s an adventure available, I’ll go for it — and even if I end up punched in the face and bleeding from the eye (yes, it’s happened), it will make a good story later!

    I’m a 30-year-old girl originally from the Boston area. After four years of establishing a career in online marketing and a lifetime dreaming of traveling the world, I decided that it was time to make it happen.

    In September 2010, at the age of 26, I quit my job to travel Southeast Asia for six months. Six months turned into four years across more than 50 countries.

  • The Solo Female Travel Blog
  • Dish 9 : Legal Nomads | Telling Stories Through Food

  • In 2008, I quit my job as a lawyer and took off to travel for what I thought would be a year. I had saved up working at a law firm, and I wanted a place to post photos and share crazy stories so that my friends and family could follow along from afar. Legal Nomads was born.

    Along the way, I realized I did not want to return to the law. Instead, I kept traveling to the places that left me wide-eyed and smiling. I found myself deeply addicted to noodle soup. I met wonderful people who taught me about countries they love.

  • Legal Nomads | Telling Stories Through Food
  • Dish 10 : WanderingTrader: Travel Blog. Living Overseas. Day Trading. |

  • My name is Marcello Arrambide, I day trade in the stock market & travel the world for a living. I consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world to have complete freedom; location freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom.

    For the last 5 years (since 2009) I have visited roughly 80 countries. I have lived in 12 countries across 5 continents and have visited all 7 seven continents.

    I am very fortunate to be able to say that I have experienced more in the last few years than I did in first 25 years of my young adulthood.  I also teach others how to have their own freedom and leave a life of financial freedom through day trading.  There are now numerous “Wandering Trader’s” traveling around the world.

  • Marcello Arrambide's Around The World Travel Blogs focusing on Travel, Investing Overseas, & Day Trading,
  • Dish 74 : Home | Francis Tapon

  • Francis Tapon is the author of "The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us" and "Hike Your Own Hike: 7 Life Lessons from Backpacking Across America." He's walked across America four times and has traveled over 75 countries. He enjoys public speaking.
  • Dish 99 : Heather on her travels |

  • A collection of 500 year old thatched cottages, set around a cobbled farmyard, Red Doors Farm in Devon has all the chocolate box charm that you'd wish for in a holiday cottage. However, we've learned from past experience that a centuries-old thatched cottage, picturesque though it may be, does not always mean warmth and comfort. Thank goodness the owners Gill and Adrian seem to have that cracked, with Byre Cottage where we stayed being kept at a cosy constant temperature by the biomass wood-pell
  Chops  - Source of Top 100 Ranking
  • Chop 1 : Top 100 Travel Blogs by Domain and Page Authority, SEMRush and Alexa |

  • Welcome to the top 100 travel blogs (single author, couples and family sites) as ranked by Alexa, SEMRush, Domain Authority,  Page Authority, Compete and SimilarWeb indicators.  This list was compiled tracking hundreds of independent travel sites.  The top travel sites that made this list are ranked according to Alexa (16.6%), SEMRush (16.6%), Domain Authority (16.6%), Page Authority (16.6%), Compete (16.6%) and SimilarWeb (16.6%) indicators in an attempt to highlight some of the best travel blogs.  In total, six different metrics are used in the equation from five different independent sources.

  • THE TOP 100 TRAVEL BLOGS   Introduction Welcome to the top 100 travel blogs (single author, couples and family sites) as ranked by Alexa, SEMRush, Domain Authority,  Page Authority, Compete and SimilarWeb indicators.  This list was compiled tracking hundreds of
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