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  • Learn to write C programming code immediately using an online compiler. Then learn more from tutoials. The hurdle for many students is they don't have a computer environment where they can code and compile C programs. Hence you will need to learn to set up the C programming environment on Windows. 

    • What is the C programming language?
    • What is the difference between C programming language and C?
    • How do I start from my plain Windows-based computer?
    • How to I set up the program, compiler, supporting programs for C in Windows?
    • Where can I find basic tutorials and practices for the C program?
    • We will ignore the C++ language variation for now.
  Dishes  - Start C Programming Now
  • Dish 3 : C Tutorial - Learn C - |

  • This is a comprehensive resource on C (ignore the C++ variation until later). The tutorials and practices are especially useful.

    Here are some of the topics:

    • Starting out
      • Get the Ebook
      • Get Started with C or C++
      • Getting a Compiler
    • Tutorials
      • C Tutorial
      • C++ Tutorial
      • Java Tutorial
      • Game Programming
      • Graphics Programming
      • Algorithms & Data Structures
      • Debugging
    • Practice & Quizzes
    • Resources
      • Source Code
      • Source Code Snippets
      • C and C++ Tips
    • References
      • Function Reference
      • Syntax Reference
      • Programming FAQ
  • A simple-to-understand introduction to C tutorial. Learn C today with examples, clear explanations and quizzes.
  • Dish 4 : C Tutorial |

  •  This section contains a brief introduction to the C language. It is intended as a tutorial on the language, and aims at getting a reader new to C started as quickly as possible. It is certainly not intended as a substitute for any of the numerous textbooks on C.

    The best way to learn a new ``human'' language is to speak it right from the outset, listening and repeating, leaving the intricacies of the grammar for later. The same applies to computer languages--to learn C, we must

  Chops  - Setting Up the C Environment
  References and More

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