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  • What does the lyric mean for Chan Mali Chan - Hey! Hey!

    • What does Chan Mali Chan sound like?
    • What is the lyrics like, and what does it mean?
  • Dish 2 : 《马来歌谣》Chan Mali Chan |

  • Di mana dia, anak kambing saya?
    Anak kambing saya main di tepi sawah
    Di mana dia, cinta hati saya?
    Cinta hati saya yang pakai baju merah

    Chan mali chan, chan mali chan
    Chan mali chan, ketipung payung

  • Banyak lagi lagu dan pantun kanak-kanak 更多卡通马来童谣: 儿歌天地 -
  • Dish 3 : Chan Mali Chan - Lyrics & Translation |

  • Di mana dia anak kambing tuan?
    Anak kambing tuan di atas jambatan
    Yang mana dia si bunga pujaan?
    Si bunga tanjung dihujung dahan

    Kalau nak tahu anak kambing saya
    Anak kambing saya di dalam bilik
    Kalau nak tahu intan payung saya
    Intan payung saya yang kecil lah molek

    Di mana dia anak kambing tuan?
    Anak kambing tuan yang bulunya kuning
    Yang mana dia buah hati tuan?
    Buah hati tuan yang putih lah kuning.

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  • Chop 1 : What does that terrible 80s Singaporean song "Chan Mali Chan" mean? - Quora |

  • Chan Mali Chan is a Malay courting song. In each stanza, the song begins with asking where (mana) his goat (anak kambing) is. It then proceeds to answer. Then it asks where his lover is. And answer. Almost as if he's too shy to ask for the whereabouts of his lover straightaway. It has a very cheeky tone.

    Different words and metaphors for lover:

    • 1st stanza - Buah hati. Literal translation is fruit of the heart.
    • 2nd stanza - Cinta. Cinta means love.
    • 3rd stanza - Bunga pujaan. Literal translation is flower which I admire.
    • 4th stanza - Intan payung. Literal translation is diamond umbrella. However 'intan payung' is a metaphor. Diamond=precious. Umbrella=protection.
    • 5th stanza - Back to buah hati.
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