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  • Infusoria is a non-scientific term for a freshwater "soup" of microorganisms, that usually includes paramecia, rotifers, algae and other protozoa. Infusoria is used to feed fish fry that are too young to eat brine shrimp and daphnia. Infusoria is brewed from leafy debris - first fermented by bacteria, which is in turn consumed by larger microorganisms that form the infusoria. Wait for the cloudy water (populated by bacteria) to clear. Slight aeration will help a lot.

    • How can I grow my own culture of microorganism to feed my fish fry?
    • How do I start a culture of infusoria and keep them going?
    • How do I feed them to my fish fry?
    • What are actually infusoria?
  Dishes  - How to Grow Infusoria
  • Dish 1 : Infusoria| Invisible food for invisible fish

  • Outline:

    • So, what are infusoria?
    • Where Are Infusoria Found?
    • Where NOT to get Infusoria
    • Culturing Infusoria
    • Feeding and Inoculation

    Key points:

    • The mature culture should be cloudy, but not milky-opaque, with a ripe “pond” odour, but not a foul bacterial stink. Over time, as the culture matures, the smell becomes clean and sweet. Nevertheless, your family will probably want you to keep your culture covered with a sheet of glass or plastic food wrap.
    • Note that culture water that is too rich in organics, combined with not enough aeration, will simply encourage bacterial fermentation, which is not what you want.
    • Many aquarists claim that they get better results with continuous light aeration of the culture, as low oxygen levels inhibit aerobic bacteria.
  • How to culture Infusoria, what it is and how to feed it to your baby fish
  Chops  - Background and Videos
  References and More

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