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  • The e-commerce market in Malaysia is considered mature relative to the regional markets. However, physical delivery or logistic cost remains an issue. Trust is another issue for high-value items. Lazada, Lelong, Zalora, Mudah and Groupon appear to be the leaders so far.

  • Initial research note for these questions:

    • Which e-commerce Websites are popular in Malaysia?
    • Where should I buy or sell online?
    • What other international e-commerce sites are also popular in the country?
  Dishes  - Consumer Angle
  Chops  - Merchants Angle
  • Chop 9 : FAQ - Seller Center |

  • About Lazada Shipping Fee

    1. Learn more about Lazada Shipping Fee
    2. Is there any tools we can used for calculating the shipping fee?

      Top Questions

    1. Is there a Seller Center guide available for download?
    2. I forgot my password, how can I regain access to my account?
    3. How do I add videos in the Product Description field?
    4. What are product variations?
    5. Why have I not received payment for orders that have been shipped?


  References and More

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