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  • Yes, you can collect list stock prices or calculate mortgage payment examples and embed them into your blog! Google Sheet or Google Spreadsheet is becoming crucial and useful. But what if you want to share it on a Web page? Embed it. What if it contains data from ImportXML that need to be refreshed? Here are tips on how to automate spreadsheet data presentation without needing your own Web server and hosting services.

    • How can I embed my Google Sheet inside a Webpage?
    • How can I refine its format?
    • How can I update the data along with changes at source Websites?
  • Chop 2 : Google sheet embed URL documentation |

  • Exploring the parameters underlying the embed code, inside iframe ... Example:

    By trial and error I have found:

    • &key=[ID]
      • google sheet ID
    • &single=[true|false]
      • true: ??? (present when I have published only a single sheet)
      • false: ???
    • &gid=[#]
      • sheet ID ??? (present when I have published only a single sheet)
      • perhaps this can be used to specify a sheet and range when your entire google sheets doc has been 'published to the web' (instead of just one sheet from your doc)
    • &range=[CellAddress1:CellAddress2]
      • specify a range of cells to include, eg "B1:C20"
      • if 'widget=' is false or not present, suppresses display of the usual google header & footer info
      • if the range spacified is larger than the published sheet, displays only the sheet while still suppressing the header and footer.
    • &embedded=[true|false]
      • true: ???
      • false: ???
      • this item is included in the embed code offered from within google sheets (set to "true"), but doesn't seem to have any effect.
    • &widget=[true|false]
      • true: display entire shared item. Overrides "range=". Does NOT include the google disclaimer footer.
      • false: include google disclaimer footer in output (unless 'range=' is also present)
    • &output=[html|txt|csv]
      • html (default): output as an html table within code that also includes Google tracking code
      • txt: output the content of the specified range or sheet as tab separated text
      • csv: output as csv
    • &gridlines=[???]
      • this apparently used to work but doesn't work for me.
      • To suppress gridlines in embedded sheets I set borders on all cells, then color the borders to match the sheet's background color (eg solid white borders on a white-background sheet).
  • Does anyone know if there is any official documentation for google spreadsheet embed URL paramaters? That is, given an embed URL from Google Sheets like this:
  • Chop 3 : Google spreadsheet row update |

  • Google Spreadsheet should auto-update every 1-2 hours when open in a browser. But if not opened, it may need some sort of "cron" job to trigger update. Here's the discussion.

    The importXML() is updating every 2 hours by it self and you can't trigger it from a script. Then you have to write the function into your script.. 

  • I need update a row with function =importxml() every 3 minutes to refresh MAP gadget. I setup function redROWs triger to every 3 minutes but it doesn´t work. Any idea? Thanks
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