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  • Multi threading should not be confused with asynchronous calls. While multi threading will speed up processing, it is also resource intensive, using up the time of the CPU and RAM. Asyn calls can add responsiveness, work on single or multi-thread environment, and they break up a task into chunks, pausing and going with responses. This allows one or multiple threads to pick up or drop it, in response to other processes, hence optimize the use of processing and memory resources.

    • What is multi-thread programming?
    • What is asynchronous programming?
    • What are other similar concepts?
    • How are they different and confusing?
    • What are the advantages (speed and responsiveness of IO) and disadvantages (resource) in comparison?
    • How is the asynchronous issue important for Javascript-based programs?
  Dishes  - The Differences
  • Dish 2 : Asynchronous vs Multithreading - Is there a difference? |

  • Asynchronous just means the calling thread doesn't sit and wait for the response, nor does the asynchronous activity happen in the calling thread. ...

    Multi threading refers to more than one operation happening in the same process. While async programming spreads across processes. For example if my operations calls a web service, The thread need not wait till the web service returns. Here we use async programming which allows the thread not wait for a process in another machine to complete. And when it starts getting response from the webservice it can interrupt the main thread to say that web service has completed processing the request. Now the main thread can process the result.

  • Does an asynchronous call always create a new thread? What is the difference between the two? Does an asynchronous call always create or use a new thread? Wikipedia says: In computer programm...
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